Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introduction: Kophieps, 4th edition Group 4

Dear all, I'm Kophieps. My real name is Bertie van der Meij and I'm Dutch. Perhaps I should add that I am female - English-speaking people are usually surprised when they meet me and hear my name, but in the Netherlands 'Bertie' is not an unusual name for women.

After having worked as a librarian and as a translator for many years I recently started a small letterpress studio. I'm working on digital and paper editions of illustrated alphabets, poetry books, short stories, and more. The Book Art Object edition is an inspiring project for me. I'm in Group 4 and my title is Dust. On the morning of the day Sara emailed me the 100 titles to choose from, I was vacuum cleaning the bedroom. This was in no way a depressing activity. The December sun was beaming into the room and thousands of dust particles were dancing in the light. It was amazing and beautiful. I played with them, letting them stream into the vacuum cleaner's nozzle. Reading my mail later that day, it was immediately clear that I should choose Dust as the title for my book art object.

It's not impossible that the design of my book will involve a vacuum cleaner bag. As for the contents (of the book, not of the bag), right now I'm doing some research on the ethics and metaphysics of dust ;-).

I really enjoy being part of this project and I will love to read about the experiences and results of all participants.

On the web you can find me here: Kophieps (in Dutch) and Falstaff & Fakir (in English).


alison said...

This story has tickled my fancy so it wil be interesting to see the process and finished piece.

ronnie said...

welcome wave!

rObfOs said...

Hi Kophieps, I had a little look at your blog and noticed a reference to dust there as well in one of your posts - seems like a nod from the Universe that you picked the right topic! Pure Gold!
PS - I love the look of your Chandler & Price press, are you having fun playing with it?

rObfOs said...
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