Monday, January 9, 2012

Introduction, Celeste in Group 1

I have followed BAO for the last several years and decided this year to participate. I am a fiber artist who fell in love with bookbinding several years ago. I tend to make mostly blank journals and love to try out different techniques and stitches. I am in group 1 and my title is number 65, To see what he could see. It is a great choice for the options and my challenge will be to focus and pull it off with my limited drawing and painting skills. I'll attach a few photos of some long stitch leather journals I made over the holiday vacation. My blog is Creative Gallimaufry and is truly an assortment of whatever I happen to be involved in.


Anna Mavromatis said...

Celeste, welcome to BAO and group #1!
I am so glad to meet someone from the same group;
I will be working on "counting", 64th in the title list.
I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I have.
All the best for 2012, and for our BAO contributions...

Angela said...

Welcome Celeste. It is lovely to see all the people who followed the blog for a long time eventually join up. Looking forward to seeing your work in progress posts on here :-)

ronnie said...

hellloooooo celeste!(mmm purty leather!)