Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Introduction: Alicia Griswold Group 7

What an exciting project this is going to be! I'm looking forward to reading this blog regularly and using it to share the process of making a new book. I'm in group 7 and my title is "Rowing Boats." I have no idea why I picked it; I just liked the sound of the words and perhaps the feeling of heat and splintering wood. I love working with random word combinations and often use them in teaching.

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia where I teach English at the Art Institute, freelance as a business writer and make books. This lets me combine two passions: art and writing. Lately, I've been assigning simple artist books to my students as a way to showcase basic rules of writing, grammar and punctuation. We all love working in color and ink!

A couple of us at the Art Institute are curating a book arts show called "Wallbound." We've finished selecting the pieces and are looking forward to receiving the books, all of which must be able to hang from a wall or the ceiling. The origins of this caveat are prosaic (We have no pedestals!) but the response has been great.

Here's one example of my work: a prose poem of my own and drawings printed using solar plates, then distressed with watercolor, ink and acrylic medium.

My blog is Sending Pages Out to Dry.

Looking forward to this year's project.


ronnie said...

hiya alicia! welcome aboard the good ship BAO

(ps I'd love to try solar prints some time... I've been promising/threatening a good friend and printmaker for years that she simply MUST teach me how..... so far she has escaped my clutches...)

looking forward to what you make of 'rowing boats

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Alicia - nice to meet you! I like your response to the words - that they just sounded nice (and interesting). I hope you have fun with them and look forward to seeing where you head - so much activity here it will be hard to keep track me thinks!

alison said...

I already like the look of some of the previous works presented by participants in this round.
I hope all the new people enjoy and recieve as much pleasure as I did in the last round. So I am looking forward to reading all about it here.

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

Solar Plate printing is really easy, though I did take a workshop (just two days) and got help from the other printmakers at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. The trickiest part is timing the exposures. I exposed a few plates on a bright February day at the beginning of this project. Then the weather turned and I had to figure out a way to expose inside. We worked it out on the exposure table in the screenprinting room. What took three minutes to expose in bright sun took 13 minutes to expose on the table. The sun etched better also. The plates can get expensive, but there are no chemicals.

Julie Russell-Steuart said...

Really nice work! Love how it looks like drawing. I, too, am interested in trying solar plates. I was thinking of building an exposure box for it. If I get that going, I will be sure to post details and photos. (although there are plenty on the web, and I would no doubt follow something like this, in building one.)

Abigail Thomas said...

Great to have you on board; and apologies I never got the time to submit to your 'wallbound' show, I really did want to but so much happened and I wasn't able to. Looking forward to following what you make for BAO!