Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hi, I am just accessing the blog for the first time. I am excited about participating in this project. I hope I can pull together an interesting book for Edition 4.


rObfOs said...

Hi Jennifer,
I think we are in the same group together,
I'm a first timer as well and look forward to moving through this project with you and seeing what we can create from it.
What is your chosen working title?
Mine is "The Missing Typewriter Key".

Angela said...

Hello and Welcome are you - Jennifer Vignone (USA) - #18 The Locker ?

If so you are in my group :-) Do you have any links to share where we can see your work?

Moon and Hare said...

Hi Jennifer, I'm a first timer also. I think I'm in the same group as all of you (group 3). I'm doing "Ghosts". Nice to see you all here!