Friday, January 13, 2012

Guidelines for posts

May I please beg that we observe a couple of guidelines with regard to posting? I guess we haven't needed to think about creating guidelines for posts until now because there were fewer "authors" on the blog, but now there are close to 50 authors and suddenly there is a need!

Suggested guidelines:

Use labels/tags! At the bottom right of the window in which you create a new post is a long blank box with the title "Labels for this post". Labels, or tags, are a way of indexing posts so a blog reader can search on different labels to go straight to the posts in which they are interested. Please use at least one tag on each post you make! You will see a link next to the labels box which says "Show all". If you click on it, a list of all the tags used so far comes up.

Please try to use an existing tag! New tags are great if you need one (it will be added to the list) but often you will find an existing tag that says what you want to say. If you don't look and see what tags/labels are already in existence it is very easy to create a new tag/label that is just slightly different... which may not come up when a reader searches the blog.

Think about whether you want to make a post - or make a comment or send an email instead! As we have so many authors it is easy to get into a 'conversation' between posts. This can mean lots of posts about one subject - it might be clearer to carry on the conversation by way of comments on the initial post rather than making separate posts. If you want to send an email instead - because you want to say something that relates specifically to one person, for example - you probably have that person's email address already if they're in your group, and if not, you can always drop me a line.

It goes without saying that we're all lovely polite people and would never put up anything rude or discriminatory!

Can anyone else think of any guidelines we should use now we're so grown up? If so, let me know and I'll edit this post and add them!


rObfOs said...

Perhaps putting in a label/tag for each group (ie Group 1 - Edition 4) would help us keep track of what the groups are up to and would save everyone putting in their own name tag - so 8 labels instead of 50? Not sure if this would help or not.

ronnie said...

in surfing there's an unwritten rule 'don't drop in on a wave someone else is riding' - its surfers etiquette that's meant to avoid accidents - perhaps in blogland it might be a good thing that if someone has posted a delicious offering (like an introduction to themselves maybe) that we hold posting ANOTHER morsel of deliciousness for (how does 12hrs or one whole day sound?) that way we can all absorb enjoy, comment, etc etc...... otherwise we will all be bumbling over each other- making a lot of noise but not making too much conversation?

Arzigogolare said...

Tags seem like a good idea, and limiting them also makes sense, as there already appear to be a lot to choose from (to the point of it being a bit difficult to weed through them all).

Addressing Ronnie's suggestion to allow some space between "delicious offerings"... This would mean adding yet another label, but maybe everyone could give their introductions the label 'introduction', so we can at least sort them from the other posts if we want to refresh our memories on who is who.

Happy (creative) weekend to everyone - Lisa