Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another introduction: Lisa McGarry/Group 7

Hello to everyone! I'm very excited to be part of Edition Four (my first time participating in a BookArtObject project). I love the premise of using another artist's story titles—and even more so because they were in turn inspired by yet another artist. I am in group 7, using the title 'Mise en place' as the starting point for my edition. I have always been fascinated by the appeal of titles—how they can conjure up all sorts of possibilities. There are many book titles that I would love to build a book upon, though they wouldn't necessarily bear much resemblance to the original book.

It's not just the premise of this project that excites me though. Joining this group of artist has made me feel as though my world has suddenly grown's been wonderful to see not just the support, but also the suggestions & ideas that artists are offering one another. Although I enjoy (and seem to need) a lot of solitude, I have also been feeling the need to connect with others who spend their days and nights creating/making. I have already begun visiting some of your blogs and websites, and look forward to returning often—and continuing to discover others.

And here's a little background on me ~I'm an American living in Florence, Italy. In 2004, a research trip for a book I was writing brought me here for what was supposed to four months; I have been here ever since. I adore this city...its human scale, the architecture, the piazzas, the noise, the food, being able to survive without a car... Every time I walk out the front door I find new inspiration.

My degree is in Architecture, but I realized after graduating that I am much more comfortable with smaller-scale projects I can create with my own two hands. Since my book about Florence's piazzas was published, I have been able to put more time into making art again—painting, photography and working with paper (and all of the possibilities that entails). More than anything, I love books as a medium. I feel like I am just beginning to scratch the surface with artist books, and am really enjoying the journey so far.

Thank you to Sara Bowen for bringing everyone will be wonderful to see how Edition Four unfolds.

Lisa/Group 7/#67 Mise en place

Ideas for 'Mise en place' are still percolating, so I don't have any images to share yet. The photo above shows one of my recent artist books (Venice: Where Sea & Sky Meet)


ronnie said...

hello and welcome lisa! 'mise en place' sounds just perfect for you (and florence sounds just perfect full stop!)

Victoria said...

Hi Lisa: I'm in group 7 also (My Ancestors) and have been promising myself to send an introduction. I've been just up to here with administrivia (organizing for printmaking classes I teach, and a couple of shows) and now heading out of town from Toronto, ON to various locales in California to visit family. I'll send more info soon. In the meantime just wanted to say hello and add my voice to the chorus of those thrilled to be taking part and wondering how on earth to edition when I've only ever done single books.
Best to all,

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Lisa - I love your story and am so pleased that BAO has offered us all this chance to connect . The only sadness is that we can't all be in the same group!

Arzigogolare said...

Hello again,
I have never done a proper edition either, so am interested to see how it goes! I've always wanted to try, but seem to never have time to streamline the production process enough that it makes sense to do an edition. I do like the fact that we have a decent period to complete the first copy, as it seems like I'm usually creating artist books in response to a call for submissions that's a mere month or two away. I find this isn't really enough time to allow an idea to evolve as much as it needs. I am still getting my bearings here (and am new to Blogger, where I've also recently migrated from my former 'blog'), but at the back of my mind I can already sense the seeds of ideas for 'Mise en place'.
It is too bad that we can't all be in the same group - that would be one big edition! Hopefully we'll have a chance for a single large exhibition to bring all of our books together.
I look forward to getting to know you all better. Happy working -

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for posting this beautiful book. I'm enchanted by images and stories of Venice (a la Donna Leon, especially). Never been to Venice but have visited Florence where it seemed every day offered stories.
group 7 ("Rowing Boat")