Saturday, December 31, 2011


Trying not to be 'unknown' (any more than usual, anyway). Still haven't found out where/how one signs in as an author. Checking to see if this posting makes on an author automatically. If so, I shall be glad to post an introduction. In the meantime, Happy New Year from me and "My Ancestor." (Group 7) Victoria


Anna Mavromatis said...

You need to fill in the form at:
It's easy and quick!

Angela said...

Hello and welcome :-)

Anna - Victoria is already signed up and in Group 7 - Victoria Cowan (Canada) - #30 My Ancestors. I think she is just having difficulty with Blogger showing her as "Unknown"

Victoria I have just had a quick look at your details on the blog list for BAO. It is showing your gmail address but you are listed as 'Unknown'.

If you log into your gmail. On the top right next to your gmail address there will be a very small grey triangle. Click on this and you will get a drop down Menu. Go To - Account Settings. This will take you to Google Accounts. There will be a list of icons under 'My Products' in here. You should see the Blogger icon and "Blogger Settings". If you go in here there should be an option to give yourself a name and add an avatar.

If there is nothing under the Blogger settings for you to change (perhaps if you don't have your own blog?). You may need to do it on your main Google Profile. This can be found in the account settings too - at the top of the page it says Profile and there is an option to create a profile.

If you need any more help let me know :-)

Aine Scannell said...

Angela - I know I still have to send you the details we spoke of.
Just so as you know I have not forgotten, I just need to get this large watercolour started...........................after I go make a cup of Earl Grey tea.......

Angela said...

No problem Aine - enjoy your tea and your watercolour :-)

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

Is following and joining the site (as a member) the same thing? I thought I was joining and popped up as a follower (all alone above the members)
Group 7
"Rowing Boat"

ronnie said...

hi alicia - no 'following' is quite different to becoming an author of a blog - anyone can follow BAO - following just means that new BAO posts will show up in your google reader..... subscribing ensures that new posts show up in you email (either in the inbox or as RSS feeds) but being and author allows you to write posts on the blog - I notice 'sending pages out to dry' moniker is in the contirbuters list - so you must have accepted the author invitation and now you have the power to create a blog post - if you are woried about trying this - why not save your post as a draft (oh you'll see how that works when you try writing a post) and one of us will have a look for you - don't worry you won't break anything on the blog!

oh and welcome aboard!

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

Thanks, Ronnie. I think I'm clear now. I did accept the author invite and yes, my blog is Sending Pages Out to Dry, which I've been writing since late 2007, though with a long dry patch for this year. I'm updating with images of recent books so I can have something to show for myself as I take on this swap.
Thanks for your help!