Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's true

I really am working on the books!

For some reason Art & Lies has thrown up problems for me at every turn: how to make my first reduction lino cut, how to support the print, how to bind it, what text to use and how to include it, creating the title, 'closing up' the book by finding a way to make the covers that would add to the overall structure... So much for all my early angst about form versus content! This time the form and structure have been not so much dictated by the content as evolved from a wish to bring various elements of my thinking about the Winterson text together: the owl (symbol of Athene, goddess of wisdom), ladders (library ladders) and text (from Aristotle's Metamorphoses, probably included in the Library of Alexandria's collection).

So there you have it, an update on a book that has been exercising me for a year... I had a lovely plan to get this book out to all the Art & Lies participants as a Christmas present, with - for some of you - the catalogue from the Southern Cross University Acquisitive Artists' Book Awards that I promised you earlier in the year. Well, I can dream. It's probably more realistic to say that I will be posting these books in early January, so you can expect them a week or two after that. If I manage to get them out earlier I will, but I seem to recall that stressful deadlines are NOT supposed to be part of BookArtObject, so I'm trying not to get stressed by imposing a deadline on myself! Meanwhile, those of you who are part of the Paper Wrestling group are allowed to be amused at the idea that I am simultaneously grappling with Claire Beynon's poem... The good news is that I've already done the print AND decided on the form of the book. The bad news is that I haven't progressed beyond that in any important way, for lots of reasons that you can read more about over on my other blog.


Hollis G. said...

You've progressed beautifully and I love your work. Life is complicated (I read your other post) so kudos to you for making it this far! The completion is in sight! Thanks for sharing your adventures and art - very inspiring.

Amanda said...

I have an idea that may help Sara - just make extra A & L and call half of them Paper Wrestling!? What? That won't do? Seriously, that owl is so wonderful I am prepared to wait as long as it takes. Good luck!