Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is Jeanette W. Archival ??? !!!

Excellent Post "BAO Tips" by Ampersand Duck concerning points to bear in mind when creating an edition of artists books for BAO.  Oh how I wish this had been here when I started my edition AND that I had been more in contact with my fellow participants from the UK - I say this with particular regard to acquiring particular art materials and so forth for the project.  This ultimately affected my choices and outcome - so bear this in mind. 

One thing that hasn't been mentioned here is concerning the permanence or use of materials that are archival.
It is a factor that I'm aware of - as is the case when making my artworks generally (which are printmaking based in the main), I always use archival quality materials.  

In fact I chose to not use particular materials in my book INIMOIS as I wasn't quite sure as to whether they would be sufficiently  archival.

The other thing  was  that I remembered  that there had been a sale of a set of books from Edition One to the artists book collection of an Australian University  and felt that we ought to bear that in mind.  I mean I wouldn't want to let the side down by doing something that would jeopardize a sale, to a collector.

Yeah what was said about the size of your books in relation to postage costs is seriously worth consideration.  Mine ended up being about one point one kilos per book - which is of course ridiculous and rendered the international  postal costs  prohibitively expensive - thank the lord for the support of good friends.

Enjoy it and blog about it even if you don't publish the actual posts until after you have delivered  your books to all of your fellow participants, you will be glad you documented  all the trials and errors the research and development.

I plan to do that this time around.

best wishes


P.S. excuse silly post title 

 I am wondering whether Jeanette has been sent her set of "Art and Lies" books ?

-  it would be nice to have some feedback from her. 


Ampersand Duck said...

Hi Aine
I loved your book, but did worry about the cost to you for sending it, which is one of the reasons why I wrote that post, and it's only one of those posts you can write from hard experience!

Don't worry about 'archival' too much, it's a conservator's problem really. It's fantastic to produce work that is acid free etc but ultimately it's your expression in whatever way you choose.

A lot of institutions collect 'WIPE', which is a project here in Australia using people's prints on toilet paper, which couldn't be less archival! (link is here: if anyone's interested, it's a really fun project)

Also, my Winterson book is deliberately non-archival because the whole point of it is to fade. *probably best to store it slightly away from the other works, team project 3* :)

I hope that helps!

Sara Bowen said...

Gosh there are so many lovely posts to read it's taking me a while to get through them all! I will be posting JW's edition off to her agent once I've found a suitable box for it and a couple more books have arrived. Now that I've pulled my finger out and finished my box it's just about ready to go... I'd love some feedback too, but I guess we run the risk that she's either wholly underwhelmed by the world of artists' books (I understand there are some people out there who aren't that interested - luckily I don't know any of them personally), or the poor woman's too busy to respond personally. I have fantasies of oodles of congratulation winging their way by letter from London, but let's just say I'm not holding my breath!

ronnie said...

ahhhh aine - when I turned up to the post office to collect your wonderful book I was gobsmacked - first by how lovely your book was, then by how much it would cost to get that beauty posted to everyone in the group.... eeeek!

now on to the next point

I vary slightly from &duck in my thoughts about conservation (i think?)

I think it's totally fine to intentionally make work that is NOT for conservation. Prints on toilet paper? great! what fun! let creativity reign free wheeeeee! but the key word is intention.

If however you are keen to make things that will be around well into the future - I think it's incumbent upon you, the maker, to do the business and go the distance - be skillful and knowledgeable in your use of materials and techniques. I don't think it's fair to put the ball totally in the conservator's court.

I call this the 'horses for courses' approach to arrrrt

that's my 2 cents worth (always offered in the spirit of rainbows, fairy dust and happy pandas)

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, absolutely, I have no arguments with that at all, Ronnie!