Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I was looking for a photo of myself but couldn't find one on this computer so I've uploaded some recent work and some favourite books.
I come to the book arts through paper-making which has had me enthralled for around thirty years so much so that I've been very involved with Papermakers of Victoria (yes I'm a Victorian, have always lived in the suburbs apart from the year I spent on the overland trail back in the early 1970's I only got as far as India but that's another story!) and now am President and Editor for IAPMA, the International Association of Paper Makers and Artists. I have been blogging for about three years but am very occasional. I use the blog as documentation of my work and occasionally to promote workshops and exhibitions. I have a couple of workshops coming up 'Sculptural Books' in Hartwell (January) and Accordion Play in Meeniyan (February).
I have had a web presence for many years, starting with a geocities site in the mid 1990's where I taught myself very basic html, I still use it to maintain my base site www.gailstiffe.info but I don't make changes there very often.
Here are some books I made last month for PoV's Christmas book swap they are recycled archival board that has been embossed with lace.

One of my favourite books, it is called Greetings from India and is a flag book so the hands wave when the book is manipulated. The hands are cyanotypes on handmade paper and are backed by scans of letters I wrote home from India (in the early 70's, my mum kept them all!). A copy of this is in the Artspace Mackay collection.

This is probably my most recent work, it is a pulp painting on canvas, it is just called Vessel 1.

I have chosen pulp fiction for my theme in the exchange, it seemed an obvious choice, I don't know what I'll do yet but it is bound to have some pulp involved.


dinahmow said...

Welcome, Gail! (We are in the same group and I laughed when I saw that you'd chosen "pulp fiction.")

This is a good intro and even if you are not a regular blogger I think we'll all enjoy our occasional posts here.

Sara Bowen said...

Hi Gail! I've seen your work several times before in various places and enjoyed it, and I'm so pleased you're part of BAO this round. I think I'm going to feel lots of "group envy", finding out about the lovely people who have signed up and realising that they're not in my group and I won't get one of their books in the post! But that's all part of the fun... I hope you enjoy yourself with us, Sara

ronnie said...

welcome aboard the little BAO boat gail - hope you'll enjoy your time - I'm looking forward to seeing what treasures you will make and share

Angela said...

I haven't a clue about paper making so it will be interesting to hear more about the processes if you share it on here. Welcome Gail :-)

Ampersand Duck said...

Welcome Gail! I hope you have fun with BAO!

Yes, I'm going to feel group envy too! I think this is the first project that I haven't been able to get a book from all involved :(

Don't forget, peoples, to make extras in our edition to sell, exhibit, and perhaps swap with artists from other groups ;)

Fiona Dempster said...

Welcome Gail - I love that you chose pulp fiction! You're bound to have fun with it...