Saturday, December 31, 2011

Introduction - Helen Malone, Brisbane Australia

I first heard about BAO through Ronnie (thanks Ronnie). We first met in Coffs Harbour in 2007, and I have followed her projects and those of BAO since then. I used to wonder if I would really want to make an edition of at least 10 books as I usually make unique books or small editions of 3-5. However, when I saw the call for entries this time, I felt very excited about the project and the prospect of joining the group, so I put my name down to participate. I've chosen #73 That Unbearable Lightness and I am in Group 5. There were so many great titles to choose from that it was difficult to choose one, and I'm hoping to make a second edition as well. I feel I'll be able to overcome what I perceived to be the boredom of making the same thing over and over again by working smart (thanks for the tips &duck).

These days I mostly work on artists books and bookbinding but dabble in stained glass windows - I'm working my way around the house. I've already written a paragraph about my work for the Contributors Tab, so I won't repeat it again, you can find it there and you can see my work on my website at The two books pictured, 'The Pleasure of the Text' and 'Fragments of the Book Leaf' have just gone to Fremantle WA for the exhibition 'Between the Sheets' in January.

I'm a keen gardener and will go into raptures at the sight of someone's vegetable garden, and I love research and am happy to spend hours on end in an archive somewhere. I've been working on my family history for years (or is that decades) and it's led me to some wonderful people all over the world.

I'm looking forward to getting started and being part of BAO and Edition 4.


ronnie said...

yay helen! hope you'll have a lovely time here. and as I know your work (at least a little bit) I can say with confidence that I know we'll all be thrilled to see what you make

Vicki said...

Hi Helen, welcome, as I am in the same group I am sure we will get to know each other more as time goes on. I am also very interested in family history and have done quite a bit of research on my family tree and met via the internet some fabulous people around the globe.

dinahmow said...

Hello, Helen. Nice to see you here. I think we may have crossed paths in Adele's drawing-a-day project? (Except that it's been ages since I've submitted any!)

Angela said...

Welcome Helen :-) Nice to see you've added a photo in the contributors section. Think I might do the same. It will be nice to put faces to the names :-)

Helen M said...

Thanks everyone - can I reply to all in one comment? (1) Thanks Ronnie for your lovely welcome. (2) Hello Vicki - a fellow group five member - it will be lovely to get to know each other and learn more about our common interests.
(3)Hello Dinah lovely to meet you - no I haven't ever been involved in any of Adele's projects, but I did learn printmaking from Vim at the BIA years ago. (4) Hello Angela thank you for the lovely welcome - Sara asked for a photo in her last email and I think it's a great idea to be able to put a face to the name.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Helen from not too far away (QLD at least). I tried a comment a few days a go and got stuck; so sorry for the tardiness. I look forward to seeing what you do - and welcome; it's a fun journey.