Monday, December 26, 2011

Groups! The story so far...

I wanted to make the process of putting the artists in groups for Edition Four as fair and impartial as possible so I enlisted my daughter's help!

I wrote all the names on one side of a small piece of paper and the artist's country on the other side before folding them up and putting the pieces of paper in my hat, country side out. Darling daughter had only two rules to follow: ensure a good mix of countries and no more than eight names per group! Even she didn't get to find out the names until after the groups were put together.

So here is the grouping for BookArtObject Edition Four. It isn't entirely finished: if you can't see your name on the list it's probably because you haven't responded to my email to let me know which title/s you would like to use for your books. As more names come in I will either add them existing groups (ensuring no more than eight people per group) or add more groups.

Group One (now closed):

Ama Bolton (UK) - #95 Paradise Lost
Rachel Marsden (China) - #17 No 43
Jack Oudyn (Australia) - #85 Transparent
Anna Mavromatis (USA) - #64 Counting
Caren Florance (Australia) - #12 It's Raining/#58 Stilled Lives
Celeste Hansel (USA) - #65 To See What He Could See
Anne Pelikan (USA) - #29 Who Knew?
Anne Lydiat (England) - #27 White Lilies

Group Two (now closed):

Jac Balmer (England) - 351 Rapunzel
Momo (USA) - 380 A Work in Progress
Katy German (USA) - #75 Night Work
Fiona Dempster (Australia) - #34 A Subversive Stitch
Lauren Faulkenberry (USA) - #6 Last Night
Tara Bryan (Canada) - #5 Making Bread
Terence Uren (Australia) - #41 It's Beginning to Hurt
Lynn Skordal (USA) - #88 The Clearing

Group Three (now closed):

Jennifer Vignone (USA) - #18 The Locker
Rhonda Ayliffe (Australia) - #96 Knowledge
Kalmia Strong (USA) - #19 More Volcanoes
Robyn Foster (Australia) - #69 The Missing Typewriter Key
Angela Callanan (Wales) - #1 There was an Old Lady
Meg Madison (USA) - #3 A Boy Waiting
Barbara Simler (Canada) - #92 Ghosts
Rebecca Chamlee (USA) - #93 Now I'm a Cowboy

Group Four (now closed):

Gail Stiffe (Australia) - #83 Pulp Fiction
Gillian Neish (Scotland) - #47 While Memory Lasts
Bertie van der Meij (Netherlands) - #74 Dust
Libby Barrett (USA) - #36 Caterpillars
Diane Patmore (Australia) - #71 The Daisy Chain
Amanda Watson-Will (Australia) - #4 A Day Just Like Any Other
Shawn Simmons (USA) - #100 An Exercise
Genevieve Nordmark (USA) - #53 Protein

Group Five:

Vicki O'Shea (Iceland) - #89 Other People, Other Rooms
Michelle Ray (USA) - #39 Three Ships
Helen Malone (Australia) - #73 That Unbearable Lightness
Julie Russell-Steuart (USA) - #99 Throwaway
Sandra Cowan (Canada) - #9 Pulling Up
Trace Willans (Australia) - #31 The Earth
Aine Scannell (Scotland) - #84 The Birds

Group Six (now closed):

Abigail Thomas (England) - #16 Turn Left
Barbara Milman (USA) - #77 Not Quite Drowning
Scott McCarney (USA) - #38 Suicide
Sara Bowen (Australia) - #33 Maps of the Invisible World
Elizabeth Omdahl (Norway) - #7 Silent Wolves
Penny Peckham (Australia) - #48 A Girl Waiting
Ellen Gola (USA) - #87 Superstition
Caren Florance (Australia) - #12 It's Raining/#58 Stilled Lives

Group Seven (now closed):

Gene Epstein (USA) - #42 Delicacy
Alicia Griswold (USA) - #24 Rowing Boat
Victoria Cowan (Canada) - #30 My Ancestors
Laura Rowley (USA) - #81 Hope
Michele Olsen (USA) - #40 Equations
Amy Spencer (USA) - #20 Bright Orange
Rhonda Miller (Canada) - #60 Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
Lisa McGarry (Italy) - #67 Mise en Place

Group Eight (now closed):

Jane Horton (UK) - #35 A Fork in the Road
Alicia Bailey (USA) - #91 I make my Wallpaper from your Postcards
Marion Pearson (Australia) - #21 No Rainbow
Cheryl Penn(South Africa) - #50 Authenticity
Kathy Boyle (New Zealand) - #94 Just Add Water
Katarina Hruskova (Ireland) - #8 Nothing
Xizhi Li (England) - #28 That's Life
Maureen Piggins (Canada) - #37 The Darkness

There is still time to join up! Just use the form in earlier blog post or drop me an email, or even just post a comment on this post and include your email address... I will be emailing all participants so that you each have the contact details for the other members of your group.

Thanks everyone!


Ampersand Duck said...

Well done, both of you, a fantastic way to oganise things! They look like fair and functional groups, I'm getting all excited about making something!
Thanks, Sara, you're the best.

ronnie said...

that's a clever offsider you have!

moreidlethoughts said...

Thanks , Sara.

papergail said...

Thanks Sara,
I am looking forward to participating for the first time. I haven't noticed a deadline for completing the books, is there one, or do we have the whole year?

dinahmow said...

Probably worth a reminder post for Gail and others who are "new."
If we're to submit entries for Libris Awards, Sara will need a copy in, I think June, but the rest of the "swaps" can be later.
Gail, I see you're in my group so I'll be in touch when my schedule is nailed firmly in place. Right now? My calendar looks like a Rorschacht test!

alison said...

Well organised Sara and daughter, looks interesting and certainly plenty participating. Even though I am unable to this time around I will be keeping an eye on the blog. Best of luck to all.

Amanda said...

Thanks for sorting us out Sara. Good job!

Amanda said...

Woops! I also wanted to say hi! and welcome to all the new members, and send a big cheery wave especially to the newcomers in Group 4 with me. Great to have you here Gail, Gillian, Bertie, Libby and Shawn. And of course hi! Di! Good to see a familiar face.

Glenys said...

I would love to join in... if I may?
Got the contact from Gail Stiffe

Glenys Mann

Anna Mavromatis said...

Sara, you have THE best assistant! She did a grrrrrrrreat work organizing our groups! I am in awe of your skills, your daughter's ability to come to rescue and succeeding forming the groups in such wavy and smooth style!
Amazing job and so impressive seeing BAO growing so rapidly right in front of our eyes!

ronnie said...

yes amanda - you're right - I big wave and cheerio and etc to every new body - I will endeavour to travel around the interwebs to get to know everyone involved (not made straight forward I must say when many of us use quirky blogger names - so I'm really looking forward to a decoder or a link list at the least!) - I'll give a special wave to all in group three (ps ronnie = Rhonda Ayliffe = me!) Today I've slowly found websites of some of my fellow group members and I must say I'm feeling v. honoured to be in a group of wonderful and interesting artists... let the fun begin!

Angela said...

All very exciting and thanks again to Sara for all the organisation.

Glenys if you haven't seen it the form to join up is here:

A decoder is a good idea Ronnie. I am confused already with real names and blog names :-)
I am Angela Callanan and my blog is PreciousLittleBirdy :-)

Welcome to all the new people. Really looking forward to getting to know everyone and seeing work in progress.

Cheryl Penn said...

Hello Group Eight from a BOILING hot, tar melting day here in South Africa. Looking forward to hearing from you all :-) X