Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Big Thanks

I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Sara for organising all of this and
being gracious enough to let new people sign up and join in. It's a great opportunity.
Looks like it's growing like Topsy! Congratulations.
I am really looking forward to this new (for me) creative adventure and the chance
to create with other artists is just fabulous, since for most of us, the endeavour of creating
is usually a solo effort.
I have already had some very friendly artists from Blogland get in touch with me, and I can't wait to hear from more.
Below are a few of the books I have created for my upcoming exhibition "Ex Libris Olim (from the books of the past)"in January. They are titled "Cloudland", "Coglock", "Ghost Book".
The only real boundary for these works has been that they are created from books which have been discarded by others. They also hark to things which are no longer useful or existent.
I have a strong feeling that books are becoming less central to our everyday lives and so I treat them like an endangered species which needs care, protection and attention to survive.

For those in Group 3 (or anyone else - all most humbly welcome!) -
here is a link to my blog - rObfOs blogspot


Fiona Dempster said...

Hello! It looks like a wonderful exhibition and almost kindo f nearby even! I hope it goes really well and that you enjoy the time here at BAO - I know I have really had fun along the way.

ronnie said...

*group hug*

Angela said...

Welcome :-) These books look very intriguing. We are in the same group :-) Very interesting title too - The Missing Typewriter key. Looking forward to seeing more.

Amanda said...

Oh wow! I didn't realize that you are so local! I shall definitely get along to your upcoming show.

Abigail Thomas said...

Love your work! Welcome on board!

rObfOs said...

Thanks everyone!
And Amanda - you're welcome to come along to the opening of my show at 10am on the 22nd January. If you do get the opportunity please come and introduce yourself to me.

Vicki said...

Welcome, once the New Year is in I will make time to explore your blog, I like the look of your altered books and wish to find out more.