Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Introduction

Just a short first post to introduce myself and my bookworks practice to other Edition 4 BAOers.
I am a bookbinder and book artist working out of a small but comfortable and well equipped studio in Canberra (Australia).
I first became involved with the book arts as an architect, looking for a ‘side project’ that could be realised in weeks or months (rather than the years required for large building projects) and, once hooked, trained as a fine binder for several years with one of Australia’s leading contemporary book designers. With this background, my work is as much about the detail of containers for content as it is about the content itself.
I exhibit regularly with Artbound, Australian Bookbinders’ Exhibitions and the Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ Guild (photos of pieces from a current and recent exhibition above) and teach traditional bookbinding skills to artists and others through a local community organisation.
I first became aware of BookArtObject just as Edition 1 was wrapping up but too late to sign-up for Editions 2 or 3 so am looking forward to finally being part of one of its projects, rather than just an envious onlooker.


ronnie said...

hello there 'BEMBindery' - welcome etc etc

now - please forgive me but I'm getting very confused by the lack of decode-ability of blogger monikers so I have no idea WHO I'm welcoming most of the time right now - if you (meaning everyone joining in for the first time) are comfortable sharing your name (as it appears on the participants list) it would help my brain (currently oozing out my ears) but I understand if you're not comfortable doing that right now..... and I'll just get a towel for the oozing brain matter

Angela said...

Welcome BEM Bindery. I love that rusty book. For someone who is 'clasically' trained you have certainly moved away form traditional processes :-)

Angela said...


Re: Blog Name confusion. I still have to remind myself that Ampersand Duck is Caren :-) And that's after how many years?

Sara Bowen said...

Hello and welcome! Nice to see you here - Caren has mentioned you several times and it's great to see your work. Hope you enjoy yourself,


Ampersand Duck said...

BEM Bindery is one of my colleagues, and one of the first men to join BAO! His name is Terence -- welcome, T!

BEMBindery said...

Thanks Caren - it's great to be signed up.
Fair point ronnie. My name is Terence Uren and I'll be working with Group 2 for this edition - all of which should hopefully be a little clearer when I get around to giving Sara some words for the Contributors section of the blog.

Helen M said...

Hi Terence, I'm new to BAO too, but I recognised your name as we've participated in some of the same exhibitions and I've admired your work in the catalogues. Congratulations on your well deserved prize for 'Leaves of Irony' in the JCA Steel competition.

ronnie said...

thanks Terence - don't mind me - I'm never having a go at anyone (folk around here are almost used to my country gal ways).... the joke in my family is: we had to have 'I'm your mother' tattooed across my mother's forehead to stop me asking 'so who's that brunette always hanging around us?' :~)

Vicki said...

Welcome Terence, I look forward to seeing more and as a complete beginner perhaps learning a bit from you.