Friday, December 30, 2011


Sara has done a pretty good job of assigning us our groupies, but I have a question and thought others may be thinking the same, so I'll put it out here.

Some of us are doing two titles. (Thus far, only Caren has her two listed. Could we know what others have chosen, please?)

My question is: do we remain in our allotted groups (I'm in #4) for both titles or were you planning to mix it up for the second run? Surely not! You and your girl would be housebound for ages!

My second title, by the way, is "Just Add Water."

Oh, yes...the "dinahmow" link in the sidebar comes back here to Blogger, but my comments link should take you to, my blog.

Note from Sara - hope you don't mind me jumping into your post, Di, but I thought it was easier to add to what you've said rather than do a comment which people might not see!

My plan is to sort out second books once everyone has had a chance to choose their first title. I'm keeping all the first, second and third choices in a spreadsheet, but not everyone wants to do a second (or third!) title, and there are still another 8 - 10 people who expressed interest in participating in this round but who haven't told me which titles they would like to use. Once the first groups are all off and running I'm going to email everyone to ascertain who is doing further titles. Duckie is a bit of a special case because she's doing a dos-a-dos binding which means the two titles she's using will be in the form of a single physical book, so she's straddling two groups and making twice as many copies of her book so that participants in both groups get a copy. Otherwise she wouldn't have got a second title yet!

When I know who wants to do a second book title I thought I'd mix up the groups again so you're with different people (I'll get darling daughter to put the names in a hat again!). Hope this makes things clearer... any comments, let me know. If they're specific questions probably best to send me an email.


Ampersand Duck said...

I don't know what anyone else is planning, but I'm keeping things streamlined... I'm doing two titles, and they will be two separate stories, but they will be *one* book, and I'm planning to print enough for the two groups. I woke up one morning with the book structure in mind, and it just seemed right.

Amanda said...

Ooh how clever Duck! Looking forward to seeing this one!

Um, it's not really my place to comment as I am only doing one title, but if you're doing two, you sort of need to be in two groups. If, e.g Di, you made two different books for our group, you'd still only get one back from each of us, and you'd be making twice as many.

ronnie said...

thanks sara - that makes sense of things!

I have faith in the wisdom of your ways....

dinahmow said...

Thanks Sara. That sounds good.