Thursday, November 17, 2011

QR Codes

Machines and Reading
Hi all, just something I was about to post on my own blog but thought as I have not posted here for ages and its book arts related so thought you guys might be interested.

As part of my research I am looking at machines and  reading, especially the future of reading. I am experimenting with QR Codes at the moment as holders of information and text. People generally use them as promotional tools or website links and they are scanned by smartphones and translated by those machines/software into the text and/or webpage link.

I am thinking of building up a narrative using several of these codes and am just at the experimentation stage right now. If any of you have a clever phone please scan this code and let me know how it looks on your phones. Thanks!

Ps. I received Aine's beautiful book in the post the other day; thank you Aine, it is just stunning! 


Ampersand Duck said...

I'm very excited about this because I'm planning a book about QR codes as well, in collaboration with a very political Canberra artist. I scanned this (the first one I've been able to scan with my new QR reader software app!) and it came up as a notepad page with what I presume is your text, starting 'Code as text.' I always thought I'd be whizzed to a web page when I scanned something, but in this case the text came to me. Interesting!

Abigail Thomas said...

Yes! It doesn't just hold websites, you can put short texts into it and other info like that which is what got me excited when I found that out. Great that you are doing something with the codes too! Would like to see what your collaboration produces.