Saturday, November 12, 2011


This blog was set up to focus on the books we, as a collective, were making to exchange, to exhibit, to discuss.

So I may be a little off-beam with this post, which is not to do with our exchanges, although I think it does relate to many of us. Ronnie, in particular, is a user of rejects!

In the  "Guardian" , the question is posed: what happens to books that are considered unwanted? There is a further link within the article and, no doubt, we all have our favourite artists and our own ideas.

How about writing a post for this blog, detailing some of the ways you (that would be "we" ) have recycled books.

Carol, I know, has great difficulty with the very thought of chopping up a book! I know I could never take a blade to any of my own favourites, but  clunky, outdated text books? Pass the Stanley!

This is not a "set piece" with a deadline and I know  Sara and Jane  still have work to finish for Round 2 and some people have summer holidays looming.

But I would like to see or at least read about what other things the BAO members are doing with or to old books. You can cross-post  to your own blogs, but this is a dedicated artists books platform and I think we could all be a little more active here.

Having "smiled like a grouper" I'd better put my money where my smile is!

Still on my desk and used often, but in a shameful state, this dictionary is about to get a new cover and the old one is slated to become  part of a "new" work.


ronnie said...

hey did someone say my name?

yes I have some very particular ideas about the who, what, where, when and why of using old books in arty work.... but I won't inflict everyone with my opinions here!

alison said...

Just a query what are the chances of receiving our copies of Paper Wrestling from Jane and Sara before Christmas to complete our collections? Especially before we all get tied up with the end of year celebrations.

Sara said...

Hi there, just as a general process, if we have a questions for specific people, can we please send them an email rather than posting comments to the blog? The person in question might not be subscribed to receive blog comments (which means they won't see it anyway) and/or might feel embarrassed... Hopefully all BAO participants will have each other's email addresses, but if you haven't got someone's email address and you need it please let me know. P.S. for everyone reading, there is - thankfully - no end date for any of the BAO editions, so no stress about finishing, unless it's self-imposed (like mine)!