Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still in the charts

Another plug for "Paper Wrestling". Doesn't this give you a little buzz?  Read more on Guylaine's blog.

(You can see the full article at Vamp & Tramp's website - click HERE - thanks for sharing this, Di!, Sara)


Abigail Thomas said...


alison said...

Abigail I had the pleasure of seeing your book
from the Art and Lies "Robinson Papers "and it's lovely. Courtesy of Di.

Guylaine I really enjoyed looking at "Paper Wrestling" and it's great to see them on our blog.

Abigail Thomas said...

That's great Alison, so glad you got the chance to!

dinahmow said...

And mid 2012 more people will have the opportunity as my personal collection of books will be on show.

Angela said...

Well done :-) Photos look great on Vamp & Tramp too.

guylaine couture said...


thank you the mention dinahmow. I am very happy. Vamp & Tramp are great people.