Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sarah Bodman talk at SLV

One of the many print exhibitions held to coincide with Impact7 is Fine impressions: printmaking and artists' books in Melbourne 1999–2010 at the State Library of Victoria. You can see a little more about the show here.

On Monday night, just before the conference started, Sarah Bodman from UWE, Bristol gave a talk about 21st century artists books. Her notes about the artists mentioned plus a pdf of her slideshow are accessible from this page.

I didn't make it to the talk as I was conserving energy for the next day, so I am thrilled to find these online. Hope you enjoy them too!


Abigail Thomas said...

Thanks for the links Amanda! V useful!

Ampersand Duck said...

I did go to it, as did Ronnie & Sara, and have to say that I didn't get bored of Sarah's presentations; she repeated a lot of info between this talk and all her others at Impact (she was wearing a few hats!), but she was showcasing such good work that it didn't matter!
Thanks for the links, they will be useful.