Friday, October 14, 2011

ronnie does 'art and lies'

I've shared pics and bits of this previously herehere and here...

but never on this blog... so here goes...

a devious hint of finished folded booklet

discharge dyeing black cloth  

 to form bookcloth

  four of the twelve completed concertina booklets
sporting their discharge dyed covers 
(and my front verandah steps!)

and finally - inside the concertina....

 Rhonda Ayliffe
'Lies and Misdemeanours'
archival inkjet print on TH Saunders
handcrafted distress-dyed book cloth by the artist
satin ribbon 

I've shared all the vitals



Murr Brewster said...

Spectacular! And if the mood shifts, you can always stop at step One and stick pins in it.

ersi marina said...

This is a comment full of sighs... because I wish I could create something that beautiful!