Saturday, October 1, 2011

And so it goes

Yes, things haven't quite finished for me yet because I didn't make it home!  I got to the airport bright and early but first there was a security scare 'cos someone or something wasn't scanned and then all the flights were delayed. I spoke to the service desk and was assured I'd be booked on the next flight to Coffs Harbour as I was definitely going to miss my connection AND there were free seats on the last afternoon flight ... But when I got to Sydney I wasn't booked on the flight and there weren't any seats left! So I was waitlisted but some bloke got a seat instead of me even though I was before him on the standby list, and after waiting 4 hours at the airport I had to find and retrieve my bag and Qantas have put me up at the Stamford Hotel at the airport .

I have a nice room and vouchers for dinner, breakfast and the shuttle bus.  I paid for the Caipirowska myself!  But I'd rather be home with my family.


dinahmow said...

A very strongly-expressed middle English expletive is in order! could resort to modern parlance. BOLLOCKS!
Hope you get home this time, Sara.

ronnie said...

I'm feeling far better about my long bus journey right now... hope you are home again soon xx

Amanda said...

Oh what a pain! Who wants to stay in an airport hotel when you could be comfy at home?

We still have to negotiate the trip home tomorrow - I'm sending positive vibes to the Qantas people in the hope they don't decide to walk out again. Wish me luck & hope you are safely home now. xx