Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm sitting at my portfolio table, having slunk early out of the first session.

Speaking of showpersonship, the first couple of talks in the Artist Book session room (the only sessions I've been to, apart from the keynote speakers) were fab: David Ferry and Sarah Bodman (who is wearing many hats at Impact).

David was pretty much doing stand-up comedy, talking about societal double standards and the response to it that he and other artists have made.

Sarah was talking about the Book Arts Manifesto project that she & Tom Sowden undertook, using vehicles like the Artists Book 3.0 site and various conferences and fairs.

I'm not sure what order the images will appear... Have to stop because people are starting to look at my stall!

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Abigail Thomas said...

the stall looks great! its so nice to hear from you all.