Monday, September 26, 2011

Quagmire: IT and Lies

I'm packed and ready to fly to Melbourne for Impact 7. As I've been getting ready, emails have been coming in saying that my Winterson book has arrived in the UK. I thought that now would be a good time to let you know that I've uploaded my book so that it's readable online.

Here it is. (Of course, if you're still waiting for my book to arrive in the post and don't want the surprise spoiled, don't press the link yet!)

I've used issuu, which seems to be a great way of showcasing book files. I've resisted the urge to scan the final book so that people can see the binding, but just uploaded the files I used to make the book (as PDFs), and arranged it as best I could within the format allowed me. This makes it a lot crisper than the printed version, but of course less tactile; you miss out on the effect of the silvery letterpress at the end and the fun of turning my double-spiral-bound binding!

It's a wee bit clunky, probably needs more tweaking, but I thought it was worth doing before I leave my computer for a week and rely totally on my iPhone!

See you at Impact, virtually or IRL (in real life)!


dinahmow said...

Standing ovation here!
Very cleverly put(and that's just from my first, rather clunky on-screen reading.)
More and more, I wish I'd made the time to do this one. Never mind, I do have my own version of the piece, just not swapped with you others.

Well done, Duck. I think you may have raised the bar.

Abigail Thomas said...

I have to say I received the real thing just last week, and it is AMAZING! I love the clever binding, the content and the humour. Thanks so much for a beautiful book (and so nicely wrapped I have to say!) that I can add to my collection. I also love this issuu thing; will have to play with that sometime!