Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mobile Blogging at London Art Book Fair 2011?

I've just thought that I might join in this book arts mobile blogging event here at BAO a little before Impact with my visit to London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery... what you all think? I am going to a few talks and fringe events as well as the actual fair on Friday and Saturday so I could do a few posts while I am there if you think you would be interested?

I've booked to go to these talks in particular:
Saturday 24 September, 2.30pm - Discussion: Cultural Piracy 

Saturday 24 September, 4pm - Discussion: Developing Digital Content

And these events are just open and free:
Friday 23 September, 3pm - Performance: Ode to Words

The Portable Reading Room

I will probably see more than that but this is just a list of things I cant miss!

Anyone else planning on going; Angela? Perhaps we can meet up?



aine scannell said...

Abigail - that "Developing Digital content" discussion sounds interesting - I would go along to that if I could. So would be very interested to hear anything from that which you'd consider sharing with us here.

Are you actually going to attend the IMPACT conference in Australia ?? or perhaps you meant participating virtually through this blog.

best wishes


Abigail Thomas said...

No I meant virtually! I wish I was going to Impact too! I will takes notes at the discussions and try to form an interesting blog post from it all.

Sara said...

Oh yes please! I'd love to hear all about it! And yes, that would balance our Impact 7 adventures nicely... wouldn't it be great for our blog to become a place of comment about the wider world of artists' books? :)

ronnie said...

I'd be keen to read all about it abigail - you go girl!

Anna Mavromatis said...

I look forward to all "views" from both Melbourne and London.
Thank you Abigail, Ronnie, Sara, Amanda!