Saturday, September 24, 2011

London Art Book Fair - Day 1

So its been a long day, and I am bushed! Too tired to say more right now. Tomorrow!


So its the next day and I have recovered! I am sitting in bed with a lovely cup of tea and my laptop reviewing in my mind, and on here, what I saw and heard yesterday, and also what I bought, and yes I bought quite a few books!

When I first got there my friend was going to a talk which still had places so I went along too. It was a discussion between illustrators and artists that had been working on a project to re imagine classic novels with  small publishers Four Corners Books. It was interesting to hear about how these artists responded to a text in some ways similar and in others different ways to how we have here at BAO. Of course we respond to an excerpt of text or a short poem; and the aim is not always to reprint the whole text as part of the works. For Four Corners Books they wanted to reprint whole classics with a twist, that twist being the illustrations and design of the book itself. I liked something one of the artists said when talking about what they wanted to achieve by making these books; that they wanted to make a "book that generates something even when they are closed"; and I think that is true of all book art, perhaps even all books.....?

The Mews; link here
 After the talk I met up with more friends and we wandered round the fair for hours, had tea and cake and more tea and bought books. Afterwards I went to a fringe event nearby at The Mews Project Space (see link above), which was an opening of a book art exhibition. Two rooms, several works. The work below caught my eye; a collaboration, a conversation in a box, still in progress. I will keep my eye on that one I think.

Or.Bit ; on the upgrade; link here
Right and now today! I need to get going soon and prepare myself for at least two talks and maybe some gallery hopping as there are two fringe exhibitions I would like to see; one nearby ish to the book fair, and one not at all.... lets see how tired I become! 


dinahmow said...

I've just been reading this
and wondered if you would see it.
About that invitation to meet for coffee...if I was still in London that would be a given!

Ampersand Duck said...

Heh, that's the problem with fairs and conferences... after all the talking and thinking, there's no energy left for sharing!

Abigail Thomas said...

Totally! Trouble with yesterday was I had arranged to meet up with three people so all that chatting and discussing things and tea and wandering round left no time for mobile blogging! Today Is just a me day so I will have time over a cup of tea sometime to formulate proper sentences. . . I hope!

And yes I have seen that lino cut Pinocchio book; I know the ladies that run Kaleid so I was having a look at their stall yesterday.

Abigail Thomas said...

I've just added an update to this post!

Anna Mavromatis said...

Abigail, I LOVE this report!
It really feels as if I am following you, somehow...
Thanks and I am looking forward to gallery hoping (through your eyes...)