Sunday, September 18, 2011

I've cracked it!

Hopefully this works... I guess the downside of having a Windows phone rather than an i-phone is that there aren't as many apps... It's taken a while to find something that I can use - my first attempt was an app that made it very hard to post photos but this one is much easier (as long as I've got the size right). Fingers crossed!

mobile post from Impact 7 conference!


ronnie said...

i-phone or other.... it mostly just takes persistence..... (and don't forget if the app doesn't do it - you can always email to blogger....)I'm sure anyone looking at this strange flurry of test posts will be thinking 'what the?????' but given that over the past while I've been hawking the virtues of process - for anyone dropping by, watching how we BAO folk work things out I say - FEEL THE PROCESS!

Amanda said...

This looks perfect Sara - well done!

Abigail Thomas said...

totally agree Ronnie; process all the way!