Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Impressions

Christine Willcocks: Flight JQ464, highly saturated digital print on rag paper, 2011, part of the "Footsteps" exhibition of new works from Northern Rivers Printmakers.

Teresa Cole's intaglio-printed collographs, Untitled 2011, a wall installation upstairs in E Block

Karen Oremus, book structures, "Deconstruction /Reconstruction" 2010 - patient cutouts from the text block, reassembled on the cover!

And the BAO cases along the main concourse! Phew, mobile blogging isn't as easy as I'd hoped... But I guess I'll speed up as I go...


alison said...

Wow it all looks fabulous. Beautifully displayed too. Deconstruction/Reconstruction is very appealing and can't help but love the owl!!

Abigail Thomas said...

great photos Sara! no, mobile blogging I've discovered is a slow process! thanks for persevering.