Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally, something for you

I'm sorry about my absence for most of this year, and for my absent-mindedness. I've moved house, I've moved studios, and throughout both have maintained both my teaching commitments and my studio practice. Consequently there are still unsorted boxes and piles clustered around the house and studio; they'll probably still be there until Christmas unless I get some sort of break!

One good thing is that I have been receiving a steady stream of fabulous books from you all, which will make both my students and the Canberra Bookbinders' Guild happy because I have been doing talks and show-and-tells for them regularly and they'll love the new batch.

The other, maybe in the context a better thing, is that I finally broke through my bubble of frustration about the Jeanette Winterson text and made my books. Last night I finished them, and quickly, before another pile or commitment got in the way, packaged them up and today I posted them... and because I was in the BAO zone, I finally went through my records and confirmed that the little squeaky nagging voice in my conscience was correct: I had missed out on Guylaine when I posted out my Claire Beynon book! So that's in the post as well.

Oh, how I love crossing things off the eternal/infernal list!

I thumped out an accompanying letter, as we all do, to go with the books, and when I read it back to myself this afternoon, I was startled to see what a black mood it conveys... please take it with a grain of salt! I wasn't lying when I said that it was probably the most frustrating artist's book I've ever made, but the rest is just me getting prosey about the book's themes :)

So keep an eye out for it, and I'll write more when I know that they've been received. It's a bit different to my last books, but I think that's the most exciting bit about BAO: we get to experiment!


Abigail Thomas said...

well done for breaking through the frustration bubble thats enveloped your BAO thoughts; cant wait to see what you have come up with

Sara said...

Yes, well done indeed! I seem to be making progress myself. Once we've all managed to get our books "out" I'd be really interested in a BAO discussion about how we each approached our texts this time around! Several of us seem to have had frustrations this year and I wonder if a bit of sharing would reveal any clues or secrets... I feel SO BAD about how long my BAO books are taking this time, especially when I can see that this time last year I was buzzing with ideas that have somehow gone... nowhere! Very strange. My PO Box has been a bit empty recently but by the sound of it I will shortly be inundated with beautiful books! Can't wait!

ronnie said...

SNAP (ie I managed to get my small second BAO project finished today also - happy dance) its been a struggle..... I should have things in the mail in a couple of days...

Ampersand Duck said...

The worst part of it is that the Winterson text was my idea... I've been thinking about it for years, but when I HAD to manifest something, my brain went into a tizz! GAH. Anyway, feeling much better now, just have to finalise my Impact stuff and I can really wind down a bit.