Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Exercise for Kurt Johannessen

Sara; you're idea (see this post here) about using Sarah Bodman's work An Exercise for Kurt Johannessen has really struck a chord with me. As soon as I read your post I looked up the page on Sarah's pages on the UWE website and downloaded her documentation booklet and then proceeded to print a copy and make it up as per the instructions; the booklet includes the list of the 100 story titles. I'm not quite sure I got all the pages in the right order.... but it makes some kind of sense to me, I will staple it when I get to my studio where my long reach stapler is! 

I hope i'm not jumping the gun; but I am already considering what title(s) interest me most.....


Abigail Thomas said...

My favourites so far are:

34. A subversive stitch
54. Motorway services
80. A work in progress
95. Paradise lost
99. Throwaway

Angela said...

Just printed it off and stapled it too!

These are my favourites:

1. There was an old lady
2. Another old lady
69. The missing typewriter key
70. Intolerable cruelty
92. Ghosts
93. Now I’m a cowboy

But there are so many. I really like this idea - so I hope I'm not jumping the gun too, but I would love to go with this one for the next project. Plus we've already got permission from the author - Sarah Bodman - so there's no arsing around waiting for permissions from publishers or voting on texts ;-) We can get straight to it!

Abigail Thomas said...

I thought you might like The Missing Typewriter Key..... but also The Birds......?

Ampersand Duck said...

Cool! I'm glad you all like the idea: Sara, Amanda and I would stand together and throw ideas at each other. The main concept we that we could put out a call for participants, and if we get a lot of interest, then we can 'batch' together groups of artists who work with a group of the titles... so that we have concurrent working groups (maybe about ten to a group) all using the same book (ie Sarah's) but making their own editions and no-one has to make a huge edition... and then the project comes together at the end with one huge response. Excellent, eh? So the number of titles we get to play with depends upon the number of applicants.
Any comments on that concept? maybe I should make this a post!

Angela said...

Mmm...maybe the birds, it was probably so obvious I overlooked it - there's so much choice!

I think it might need to be another post Caren. Then we could all get going on it.