Saturday, October 1, 2011

and then there were none...

I arrived (bags and all) home at my creek at 4.30am this morn....

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh) HOME!

I had a marvelous time in Melbourne (and at Impact)... so what were the highlights of my trip?

*meeting BAO gals Sara and Amanda for the first time (and sharing a yum Sri Lankan meal in Caulfield  with Caren and others) * coffee from Degraves street in the city  * Sarah Bodman's talk at the State Library of Vic  * meeting folk like Robert Heather and Des Cowley of the State Library of Vic and booky arty 'names' - like Angela Cavalieri and Peter Lyssiotis

(a sneakily snaffled piccie of Angela's work on display in the faculty gallery....
this pic doesn't give you any indication of size - so let me tell you -
this is quite a BIG concertina book construction..... very nice)

* the trams (I developed quite a 'thing' for melbourne's trams...) * the keynote address by Brook Andrew and Trent Walker (Friday morning... talking about collaboration - and doing the talk in a collaborative manner) * the zine fair (friday again) and the roundtable discussion "reifying zines" (I'll tell more about this when I recover my senses - it was a terrif discussion) * realising I actually knew more people than I thought I did (who knew???) - there wasn't a day, not even a few hours of any day at the conference where I didn't bump into a familiar face....   * 'Unfolding projects: Afghan and Australian Artists books collaborations' - aesthetically yummy and poignant

* Susan Purdy's photograms exhibited as part of 'carbon copy' (on campus... I forgot to take a piccie but one of the BAO gals posted one already) * the opening night small performance/dance work from Rebecca Mayo (very moving)  * Beautiful Silks  (oh and Artisan Books, Cottage Industry and so much more..) in Fitzroy * the wrought ironwork that seemed to be EVERYWHERE (so pretty)

 (this pretty ironwork was directly opposite my temporary bedroom.... me like)

things not so liked?

* getting caught in the scary as thunderstorm complete with drenching rain (and no umbrella) * the architecture of Monash Uni (I mean who the hell put the god-awful mish-mash of brutal concrete and coloured steel together...... yuck! blah! me no likey!) * the waste -- there were so many disposable cups in the bin... and I was one of those guilty consumers...  * not having enough hours in the day or days in my visit to do everything I want to..... mostly though - it was missing my kidlets and my creek (my sinuses go into melt down with the city pollution.... I get sooooo homesick)

.... its time for me to have a little nap now - my head has one of those thumping headaches that you usually get after a night of late partying -- mine is courtesy of the long bus trip home and dozing awkwardly with my neck all crooked... ahhh the sacrifices we make....


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dinahmow said...

Y'know, what I think I like most about you, Ronnie, is your ability to say so much in so few words!
Yes, I understand the bus-seat neck-ache(I'm, 5'2")and the people overload of conferences.
But you've ...can I create a new expression?...nutshelled it.