Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Wrestle With Paper.

It really started with the poem itself as I didn't have immediate images when I read it as I had with the Janette Winterson . After presenting it to family members to glean some guidance it was my daughter who shall I say pointed me in the right direction. This is because I have only created images from poetry once previous to this project.  The result is my second idea as felt the first one wasn't productive enough as just a single paper with a double image, maybe next time for that one.

Here is the original drawing and format I wanted to use. I chose my images from either words or a phrase that attracted me and added the bridle to link in together.I found it hard to free my mind of a horse image as I didn't want it to be about that.I was very pleased with "weaving" of the bridle so was disappointed when it had to be changed.

This is the lino plate cut ready to be inked. It was during the printing process my next challenge presented itself. Even though I had done a dry run through the press with the template I felt confident I had plenty of space to print in the one long format. This was not to be due to it not being my press I found myself in the position of running the risk of the press bed coming off the runners.I ran a proof print and found that I would still have to release the pressure and remove the plate and paper to turn around to print the other end which left marks and double images. The safety factor was important at this stage so an executive decision had to be made so  I cut the plate and papers in half and spent the afternoon printing.

Preparing to cut images into singles.

Challenges were still not finished with me yet as during the folding process for the concertina format the paper itself was too heavy to fold nicely therefore I had to cut each image into singles , resort and and marry up the images which meant I had only 12 instead of my original edition of 17.

The covers ,no problems here yet until I wanted to print the title.

My homemade positioner and children's alphabet stamp set ready to stamp the edition.

The etching tool came in very handy to align the holes and  pages and to loosely tie together with twisties.

Even the wooden spoon acted as my tension setter for the spine.

The end product and that is my story on Paper Wrestling.
There will certainly be signs on some pages where creases show and ink marks on the cover, true wrestling......
and I am content that I have accepted the challenge, followed it through and extended my mind,shown I am capable of problem solving at a minutes notice.


Abigail Thomas said...

congratulations! from these snippets here it looks great!

Sara said...

Intriguing! Looking forward to receiving it...

Amanda said...

I love your initial drawing - the final work always wanders from the plan, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing a copy in Melbourne at the Impact show.
Congratulations Alison - well wrestled!

Anonymous said...

Alison here- Blogger is being awkward again so I'm using "anon."

Thankyou for all your lovely comments.It is encouraging to know others often go through similar changes.

Fiona Dempster said...

Alison - I just loved the artwork in this book - so amazing! And it was great to read this post and see the trickeries you dealt with along the way; and the fabulous innovative solutions you came up with - thanks for sharing!