Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The cheek of it!

Actually you can blame me for a slight change of format on the blog: after ages fiddling around I finally remembered that you add/edit/delete page elements in the "Posting" menu on Blogger and so I have gone in and added various pages to the blog. The "exhibitions" page has brief information about BAO's selection for Impact 7 and for the SCU awards earlier in the year, and I've also used the various resumes/statements you sent me for Edition One to fill in the blanks against your names in the "Contributors" page!

I suggest that we each maintain our own entries in the "Contributors" page - or send me more info and I'll put it up for you! - and probably the best way to do it would be to list ourselves in alphabetic order of surname. I'm about to put myself up there... some of you are already up there... comments welcome!


ronnie said...

welllllll - as authors but not administrators, I think we contributors can add a post fine and dandy, but we don't have access to all the other bits and bobs of this blog - so at this stage I think we may have to send you anything that needs to be added to any of the blogs pages (or any other aspects of the blogs design or content) - is this the same for all you other contributors?

Anna Mavromatis said...

Sara, it looks great!
Ronnie is correct; only the administrator can create/update/access blog's elements; contributors contributions cannot go beyond postings.