Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The cheek of it!

Actually you can blame me for a slight change of format on the blog: after ages fiddling around I finally remembered that you add/edit/delete page elements in the "Posting" menu on Blogger and so I have gone in and added various pages to the blog. The "exhibitions" page has brief information about BAO's selection for Impact 7 and for the SCU awards earlier in the year, and I've also used the various resumes/statements you sent me for Edition One to fill in the blanks against your names in the "Contributors" page!

I suggest that we each maintain our own entries in the "Contributors" page - or send me more info and I'll put it up for you! - and probably the best way to do it would be to list ourselves in alphabetic order of surname. I'm about to put myself up there... some of you are already up there... comments welcome!

What if...?

In between rain, gardening, school stuff, kids, studio, blah, blah I've been having a bit of an email conversation with Ronnie about what 'blog' things we can do that relate to the Impact 7 conference, especially since the relationship between the blog and us artists is central to the whole BAO project AND formed part of Ronnie's excellent application to Monash that has resulted in our exhibition at the conference. So I'm being brave and putting some thoughts out there, and I'd love to know what you think, whether you're able to come to the conference or not! Please do comment...

I proposed that those of us going to the Impact 7 conference "take over the blog" for the week of the conference (this is why I need your opinion, dear BAO members!) with a variety of activities. Modern mobile communications technology being what it is we could do all sorts of things such as... live interviews with amazing book artists, photographs (obviously!), daily "diaries" from the conference, sound recordings, movies, podcasts, tweets... anything my new Windows phone can do (or those i-phone thingies too for that matter!) - just for that one week.

Ronnie pointed out that because our books are going to be displayed behind glass we probably won't have the room to put up much information about us or the ideas behind BAO next to our books, but we can put links to our blog. So what about changing the format of the blog slightly on a permanent basis and using the Blogger "page" functions to put up a "Contributors" page with brief artist statements/photo/resume about each of us, and a page each for "Edition One" and "Edition Two" with information about the texts/authors/photos of the books etc. We could also have an "Exhibitions" page showing where our books have been and by whom they've been acquired! These new pages would be constantly renewed as we make more editions but would be of interest to anyone coming to the blog or wishing to join up.

So whaddya think?

thanks Regional Arts NSW - you're the best!

Yesterday I received the happy happy email - from Regional Arts NSW

'congratulations - your application for quick response grant to attend Impact7 has been approved'

happy happy dance


Big THANKS to all at Regional Arts NSW who fund artists and art projects that happen outside our  big city centres

IF the situation warranted it (ie if the project involved printing invitations or advertising or promotion of any sort) then as one of the conditions of the grant I'm obliged to acknowledge
Regional Arts Fund in a very specific way...
My conference attendance has none of that happening but I really really (really!) appreciate the financial support (RANSW are directly funding me to attend Impact 7 - and therefore to set up our group exhibition onsite) so I hope you're with me as I give a big nod to Regional Arts NSW

"This project was made possible through a Quick Response Grant provided by Regional Arts NSW through the Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional, remote and very remote Australia."


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Discovery & A Question


A post from me over here is long overdue, so I want to assure everyone that things are happening, the wheels are in motion… and so on.

First : A Discovery

Working on my contribution towards the Art & Lies stream of this edition, I discovered something I think is remarkable: papyrus paper feeds perfectly through inkjet printers (well, mine, anyway) and accepts the archival pigment ink beautifully!

I am still marvelling that it’s possible to bring together these two technologies, literally separated by 1000s of years and find they can operate so well together. I keep imagining the reaction of an Egyptian person from 2500BC, if she/he could just see their familiar old papyrus emerging, all neatly and beautifully printed from my Epson 2100.

Second: A Question

I need to ask you trained printmakers a question about edition numbering.

For my book I have made a drypoint print. The first one I made turned out very nicely and I was quite satisfied. However, the next two I am not happy with at all. I am realizing that I am of course at the bottom of a steepish learning curve with printmaking, and that it was probably a little over-ambitious to think that I could manage 10 or more identical or even satisfactory prints, without expending a lot of energy and without making probably at least twice as many to choose from.

So…I then thought that I could make a scan of the one I like and reproduce it on the now available digital BFK rives paper. All the other parts of the book would remain unchanged.

This would leave me with one original, which would include the actual drypoint, and then an edition of 10 or 12, with the archival digital reproduction of the drypoint + the other components as for the original.

I hope this makes sense!

My questions are:

1) Is this a reasonable thing to do?

2) If so, how do I number these? And what about the original?

I look forward to your advice and if you’d like to see a sneak preview of a little bit of my book, you can pop over to my blog and check out my latest post here.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get a move on!

I'm trying, honest, but the bloody ink won't dry!

birds in my mail!

I was so happy to find in my mail box Angela's book.
Beautifully bound and full of its creator personality, finesse, sensibility...
Thank you Angela!

arrival of books

Thank you to those who have responded re my situation on the possability of books going missing in the mail. At present I am only chasing two as Sara has said hers is missing and I am waiting to hear from Caren and Jane.
Either respond to comments below or e-mail  which is
Thank you

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After a year of wrestling with the Winterson text (I haven't even started on Claire Beynon's poem - woe is me) and various thoroughly misleading posts detailing what I thought I might do, what I started and then what I binned it appears that a reduction print is taking shape... I just wanted to prove that I am doing something since you're all sending me your beautiful books!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Wrestle With Paper.

It really started with the poem itself as I didn't have immediate images when I read it as I had with the Janette Winterson . After presenting it to family members to glean some guidance it was my daughter who shall I say pointed me in the right direction. This is because I have only created images from poetry once previous to this project.  The result is my second idea as felt the first one wasn't productive enough as just a single paper with a double image, maybe next time for that one.

Here is the original drawing and format I wanted to use. I chose my images from either words or a phrase that attracted me and added the bridle to link in together.I found it hard to free my mind of a horse image as I didn't want it to be about that.I was very pleased with "weaving" of the bridle so was disappointed when it had to be changed.

This is the lino plate cut ready to be inked. It was during the printing process my next challenge presented itself. Even though I had done a dry run through the press with the template I felt confident I had plenty of space to print in the one long format. This was not to be due to it not being my press I found myself in the position of running the risk of the press bed coming off the runners.I ran a proof print and found that I would still have to release the pressure and remove the plate and paper to turn around to print the other end which left marks and double images. The safety factor was important at this stage so an executive decision had to be made so  I cut the plate and papers in half and spent the afternoon printing.

Preparing to cut images into singles.

Challenges were still not finished with me yet as during the folding process for the concertina format the paper itself was too heavy to fold nicely therefore I had to cut each image into singles , resort and and marry up the images which meant I had only 12 instead of my original edition of 17.

The covers ,no problems here yet until I wanted to print the title.

My homemade positioner and children's alphabet stamp set ready to stamp the edition.

The etching tool came in very handy to align the holes and  pages and to loosely tie together with twisties.

Even the wooden spoon acted as my tension setter for the spine.

The end product and that is my story on Paper Wrestling.
There will certainly be signs on some pages where creases show and ink marks on the cover, true wrestling......
and I am content that I have accepted the challenge, followed it through and extended my mind,shown I am capable of problem solving at a minutes notice.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fiona's Paper Wrestling book

Well, the books should have arrived at their various new homes by now so it seems safe to sit and show some photos and talk a bit about it. I am also blogging this same story pretty much over at my own blog - it just seemed easier that way but apologies of you are reading it twice!

Reflecting on the journey, this book has been a constant thought companion for nearly a year; with sketches made here and there, ideas and options tested and trialled. At times I thought I would never settle on an approach and get started; but bit by bit, I narrowed down the options and made decisions.

These are some mid-process drafts...

The book is a response to Claire Beynon’s poem, rather than a rendition of it. If I had chosen a rendition I would have used the whole poem throughout the book and made it the focus. By highlighting particular lines or phrases I created my own personal reading of the poem in a calligraphic way.

There were certain words or phrases that jumped out at me, and told me the underlying story of the poem in a way, and I chose these words/phrases to include in my book.

I am fond of squares and chose to work within the square format. This choice was supported by the covers I found in a funny little art shop which then set the format and colour scheme for the rest of it. Sometimes I need a little push from outside to stop exploring and make the decision, then continue to explore within the new boundaries.

I wanted to give the reader some opportunity to wrestle with paper in the process of reading the book. I also knew I needed/wanted to include Claire’s complete poem somehow in the book; and so the idea of having it held within a Japanese tato on the title page came into being.

Choosing which of these little pockets to use was a fun time in itself; and I had the odd disaster here and there as I trialled them in a remote Aboriginal community where I had no ruler or measuring tool; and the squares are actually formed from rectangular pieces of paper which require specific dimensions and proportions - none of which I could easily or readily achieve!

I did one original calligraphic version of the phrase or line I highlighted and then scanned each of them individually. I had hoped to be able to print the scans direct onto the pages but I ran out of time to master the set up of the pages in the software properly; so they are individually attached to each page. In the end, I like the hand-made and crafted nature of their attachment.

Here is my first test page of can see a couple of rejects already!

Here are some images of the pages..

I knew I had to do a simple binding if I was producing an edition, so used a three-hole pamphlet binding and the beads on the outside just added a tiny decorative element.

The whole process was enjoyable, frustrating, perplexing and wonderful all at once and I can’t wait to do it all again!

Thanks to all the folk with whom I have exchanged books - I love the collection that is growing; and seeing, feeling and playing with all the different interpretations is a joy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just a teaser...

Its nearly there. My BAO To-Do list is less than half an A5 page now (which is a good thing by the way, it was 3 A4 pages long at the start...) so that is good! So here is a teaser, its nearly the end...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And the winner...wasn't one of us!

They have finally announced or uploaded the winner of the East Gippsland Artist Book Award, and it wasn't anybody I knew...Sigh.

Never mind, the works are all interesting and I'm sure the judges had a fine time selecting.

Here's the link to the page with all the books and all the winners.

And here's a shot of the winning piece Melaleuca's Book by Marie-Noell Fontan of France.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guidance sought for signing last page of book

Please would one of you more experienced artists book makers  provide a scan if possible or photo of how the book is 'signed' at the last page - for colophon information.  I think that is what it is called.

Name of book
media materials used 
edition number of total editon

Do we put project details i.e.,  made as part of the BAO project /phase 2/  JW option ?

Do we put blog address and so on..............???????????????????

                                            Journey out of Kosova                                   Aine Scannell

Monday, August 8, 2011

East Gippsland Artist Book Exhibition

I know I have been slack and not actually posted on my completed book yet - that's on my to do list for sure.

In between, and because its quicker, I just wanted to link to the East Gippsland Artist Book exhibition which opened on Staurday night. Three BAO folk (Amanda, Ronnie and I) were selected to participate (and my husband Barry Smith). The winner was announced on Saturday but as yet, no word on their website, and we didn't get a phone call, so I'm assuming it wasn't me or he, but maybe one of our other folk was successful!

Anyhow, thought you might enjoy a look at the exhibition - the pages and photos are well put together and there is a real variety amongst them.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Postal Addresses needed for ART AND LIES group

I need peoples addresses for the Art and lies group as I will be posting the books off soon.  They are heavy so its going to cost me a lot ..but I will do it gradually so they wont all be done at one time.

Please just email me your addresses and I will then send you the book.  Once I post yours off I will let you know so you can look out for it.

Pictured above is "Toby Tangles" occassional paper boy or studio assistant...........

Books Posted

Books Ready To Post, BAO II

Dear Lovely Book Art Ladies! As 2 of you already know I posted my books on Friday. Here is a little sneak preview to give you an idea of what you are going to receive. I didn't expect them to arrive so quickly so sorry this post is late. I have been doing a Letterpress course in Bristol all week and finishing off the books in the evening so its all been a bit hectic. By the way, the little grey band around the book is really only posh wrapping and can be removed and left off the book. I found that it may rub when you take it on and off, but of course its up to yourself! Hope you like them. 

Thanks Aine and Abigail for your comments already. I don't think you are insane Aine, there is a lot of me in this book - I am a bit of a bird nut ;-)