Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thank you Angela I received my book today - very endearing and I liked the writing too........... I felt  it had a sense of you in it too - even though I appreciate that, this sounds somewhat insane - given that
I have never met you !!  Magnificent craftsmanship - which is where I wo'nt be scoring high mark but
none the less - I have done my very best..................   Aine


I hope I'm not jumping the gun with this! I know Ronnie has her book, so I'm guessing (hoping!) that all the others have arrived. did I get to the final interpretation of Claire's poem? By a very roundabout route! I changed my mind more times than I changed my socks and this is winter, when I actually do wear socks!

Four metres of poem
This is the poem, written out on strips of A4 copy paper, just to see how long it would be.  I did toy with it, but eventually decided against it.

The envelope fold (which I do still like very much) had to be discarded when I couldn't get replacement paper for some torn corners.

Moving on...
The muddle I worked through...
Yet another muck-up. I mean mock-up!
I did want to do original drawings in each book, but realised I couldn't replicate my drawings accurately 15 times! So I bit the bullet and scanned them, then printed them.
 At some point I should tell you the "name" of my folded book. Um..I don't know that it has a proper name. I remember some wag at school handing in a maths paper on fractions which she'd folded thus and called " 16 sixteenths." And one of my books refers to this cut-and-fold as an "instant" book. I'm open to further suggestions. (Lord knows I called it quite a few different names as I measured and cut and folded!)

Making the template for the envelope

The envelope, with book

The envelopes and the paper string

Ah, yes...paper string. Ordinarily, I'd roll this on my thigh. If it wasn't deep, cold winter! So the red string that fastens your little paper envelopes is tissue paper,scrunched into a ball then finger-twisted into a length of "string." (The cats helped.Of course.)

Finally - what is inside your paper envelopes.

Yes, I have had moments when I wondered why I was doing this. But, in the end, I have to say it's been fun. Mostly. I finished with an edition of 15, which surprises me no little and quite some, to quote Damon Runyan.

I'm usually happier working alone, but having the blog as a sounding board is a great help. And I've had even greater help, locally, from Alison and email encouragement from Carol. Thanks, girls.

I forgot that not everyone in our BAO group (not to mention others who chance upon this blog!) will see the actual books, so here  are some scans of the "inside" of my version of Paper Wrestling. The book can be read, in Western style, as a small book and can then be unfolded to reveal the poem, on the reverse. Paper size is A4.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

impact rego

It's just come to my attention that the early bird registration for Impact 7 closes at the end of this month. If you follow the path from the Impact website you'll find the online registration bit (I'm not someone very keen on online shopping stuff.... but I couldn't find any other way to register - grrrrrr - so I closed my eyes for most of the next bit). I've registered for one day only.

I've also confirmed that you don't need to register for the conference in order to come along to the Monash campus and check out the exhibitions onsite - so tell everyone to come and check out BAO exhibition (our exact location hasn't been revealed yet - but I am aware of some of the company we'll be keeping and all I can say is yowzah!)

Also I will be presenting my work as part of the open portfolio on the first day of conference (Tuesday 27 Sept) from 12.30 - 3.30 in Room E2.11, Building E (School of Architecture) .... no I don't know where that is! I hope some warm bodies can find the space...

I'm looking forward to receiving all the last booky projects from BAO peeps over the coming few weeks (yes - pressure pressure pressure!) and preparing things for our small outing at Impact (I promise I'll take lots of piccies from the space)  - I'm also keen to hear from BAO peeps who might be at/in/near Impact7 as I'm hoping you'll get involved in our exhibition doings (pretty please!)

ahhhhh group hug

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I have finished five of my books although one had a little stain on the cover which I thought................. oh that really wont do despite my efforts to remove it slowly and repeatedly .............well never mind, says I to myself, it will have to be done again !!  So that's four done now.

They get dirty fairly easily so I have to be ever so careful with them.  I was shooting some photos outside my studio on Sunday afternoon,  and was just finishing when a tiny insect landed on one of the open pages - it was also starting to rain and I was frantically trying to finish the photos ......... anyway ....I brushed the insect aside and 'lo and behold'............ small amount of watery blood  (eek!!) so I quickly tried to get that sorted.  I think its OK  - otherwise  the total would have been down to three !!

Then a couple of weeks ago, in the midst of covering/ gluing  books - I noticed blood on one of the covers and the reverse .............. only then realizing  I had a tiny cut on my finger !!  I managed to get that off (the blood not my finger)  as I immediately removed it carefully.  This has been a mammoth project for me and as Sara will know I even pulled out of it at the beginning as I felt it would be too physically taxing and challenging.  I have learnt so much about making books using stitching (having never used this process previously)  .  Making an edition,  however has limited my creativity although it's still very much so present, within the imagery.

I am going to include some images here although none of the finished works nor the imagery within.  Just shots of some of the book format try outs and some of the images that were potentially for inclusion though not selected. 

That's it for now.  Back to the gluing ugh !!!...........................

hope everyone else is coming towards the final stretch too !!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Yesterday, Alison and I met in town for lunch at a lovely cafe and exchanged our "Paper Wrestling" books.

Living just a few kilometres apart we've had the advantage of being able to kvetch, curse and whoop to each other. Believe me, there were times when that really helped! But we shan't spoil it for those who have not yet received their books...

After lunch (home-cooking, people!), we meandered up the valley for coffee and arty chat with a friend. And we took the books we've received thus far.

Lesley was most impressed. In fact, she suggested we ask Artspace to display them. Any thoughts on this?

the handover

Lesley with book

That's all for now...once all the books are in their new homes we'll have more to say.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off to the post office...

Well it looks like I'm on the home stretch now!  After months of weird round in circles and back again behaviour I have finished my edition of books on Claire Beynon's poem "Paper Wrestling" and they are packed, stacked and ready to post on Monday! At times I thought this day would never come.

So once Australia Post and others have had time to get them to their various new homes, I'll show you all a proper picture.

BTW I was lucky enough to receive two more books in the mail this week - one from Alison  and one from Carol. Both delightful!

Codex Seraphinianus

I've just been to the British Library's latest exhibition on Sci Fi, had some classics on display but I was most intrigued by this; which is an encyclopaedia created by the Italian artist Luigi Serafini  in the 70's. In it he has totally made up a written language.

image taken from here 
Fascinating. . . My own fake language is still developing along with the whole fake archive; nearly there, will post again soon. 
How is everyone else doing?
Abigail x

Ps. I have connected the blog to a twitterfeed so each new post here will get tweeted on our BAO twitter page