Friday, June 3, 2011

BAO Twitter

I have just set up my twitter account to automatically tweet when I post a new blog post and I just thought that maybe we could do that with our BAO twitter account too? Its a quick automatic way to spread the word. I would just set it up if I could remember the password we got given.... can someone email it to me and I will set it up, or if one of you want to set it up thats fine with me; I used:




Anonymous said...

Cool idea! But sadly I can't remember who organised our Twitter account... was it you, Angela? It's winter down here and my brain cells are definitely on a go-slow... :) Sara x

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, great idea, even though I twitter fewer times than I ring my parents ;)

Angela said...

Abigail it was me who set it up. Sorry, I think you asked about this before and I forgot to email you the password. I have set up the Twitter Feed. I will email you the password for Twitter.

By the way anyone who's an admin on BAO can you add the 'Search this blog' widget? It would be really handy :-)

Abigail Thomas said...

thanks Angela!