Monday, June 13, 2011

"THUNDER ROAD" reprise

Yes, I'm pushing my friend's book again! There are still some copies available should anyone be interested.

Now...back to my own work...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Secrets, and another phase of Paper Wrestling, well not so much paper this time as a press itself and my own idea of design getting me into this situation. I had planned it to be in one piece but the actual printing of the length got the better of me so had to make an executive decision,out came the stanley knife , result two plates to print. A much quicker , simpler method and while it still took me all day I am rather pleased with my effort.At least the press bed is still where it belongs!

 Artists are a very resourceful bunch and I know it was challenging and satisfying in the end but I went home sore in every old injured muscle and bone , but well worth it for my art.  
While I wait for them to dry I have a long weekend to attend to other projects waiting in the studio wings.
Happy Wrestling.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A sequel to...

a Bitter-Sweet story...
Dinah said: "It's not just the book, it's knowing what went into the making of it. 
The agony of loss, the elation of triumph."
Dinah is right! I went to the post she recommended, I got mesmerized from the story, I placed an order for the book and here it is! 
I am not going to repeat the story; Mark narrates it in such detailed fashion on his blog
What I can talk about is the elegance of this work, the perfect proportions, the attention to the absolute necessary elements of  design, a perfect in content and aesthetics work. I am so happy and proud to have #19 of the edition.

Friday, June 3, 2011

BAO Twitter

I have just set up my twitter account to automatically tweet when I post a new blog post and I just thought that maybe we could do that with our BAO twitter account too? Its a quick automatic way to spread the word. I would just set it up if I could remember the password we got given.... can someone email it to me and I will set it up, or if one of you want to set it up thats fine with me; I used:



Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of the lovely cyber friends I met in the real world while in New York is the charming, funny and clever man who goes by the blog monica of Unbearable Banishment.

We share a love of similar poets, art tastes, theatre, music...and hand-made books.

This morning, before I'd even finished reading his latest post, I emailed him, begging him to save one for me.

It's not just the book, it's knowing what went into the making of it. The agony of loss, the elation of triumph.

Oh! Let UB tell the story! Here's the link.


I'm experiencing some frustrations myself as I continue to "wrestle paper." Short version? Two of my folds split and I couldn't get more of the matching paper.

Yes, I'm afraid some bad words were said! But I'm back on track.