Monday, May 2, 2011


This is a heads-up for member bookmakers who are also printmakers(and I think that's just about all of us!).

I'm posting a link where you can find more info, but, briefly, we printmakers also have our "special day" and it's almost upon us.

Ali and I plan to print on Saturday(we may even get in a couple of hours prep. work on Wednesday!) and there are inky-fingered printmakers all around the world who will be swelling the ranks. So, come on, BAO folk - join the fun.

Here's the link


Sara Bowen said...

I would but...I'll be driving a minibus to Coonabarrabran and Lighting Ridge for the Class 6 Astronomy and Geology camp! I'm "artist in residence" and will be taking lots of printmaking paraphenalia so that we can make carborundum and collograph plates on perspex on our trip, but we won't be printmaking until next week and we won't be printing until we're back... Have fun! Sounds like a great idea. Sara x

Abigail Thomas said...

oooo sounds great! i'm not exactly a serious 'printmaker' but I do love monoprinting and collagraph printing in my studio (without presses, just perspex and a roller!) so I will try to join in; anyone in the south east of the UK want to come join me in my studio?