Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of the lovely cyber friends I met in the real world while in New York is the charming, funny and clever man who goes by the blog monica of Unbearable Banishment.

We share a love of similar poets, art tastes, theatre, music...and hand-made books.

This morning, before I'd even finished reading his latest post, I emailed him, begging him to save one for me.

It's not just the book, it's knowing what went into the making of it. The agony of loss, the elation of triumph.

Oh! Let UB tell the story! Here's the link.


I'm experiencing some frustrations myself as I continue to "wrestle paper." Short version? Two of my folds split and I couldn't get more of the matching paper.

Yes, I'm afraid some bad words were said! But I'm back on track.

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Angela said...

Great story Di, thanks for sharing this. I read it straight away but haven't had time to comment yet. The book is really beautiful. Very sad about the broken friendship.