Sunday, May 22, 2011

Work in progress

No this isn't the actual cover just a test one that I am learning from. The one that I do all the wrestling with first. It is exciting to see it happening again at another level and not long now and new homes will be found.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

impact heads up...

For all BAO peeps

Don't forget we will be exhibiting at Impact 7 in late September. soooooooo I will need to have in my little hands by the end of August (yep - this year!) all of the following:

* your completed 'art & lies' project (if you are undertaking that project...)

* your completed 'paper wrestling' project (if you are undertaking that project...)

... and to clear up any confusion - I'm making work for both 'art and lies' and 'paper wrestling' groups  you won't need to make and send me an extra copy of each - I'll take/exhibit the piece you send to me as part of the edition swap.... so far I have anna's 'art and lies' work and ampersand duck's 'paper wrestling' work.... (ps - I joined the 'paper wrestling' group after the start - so many of you in that group won't be aware that I'm one of you!)

* your current CV (for BAO edition one folk - I have a copy of your CV but it's no longer up to date - if you'd like to refresh details and send me a new one - please do so... if not I'll use what I've got)

* an artists statement and/or a statement about your BAO project/s (I have edition one statements - but if you would like to change what I've got - go for it)

* head shot (you can be 'creative' with this! and think small rather than large)

*contact details that you are happy to have made public (web and/or blog address, public email, snail mail if appropriate.... whatever you are comfortable with)

by all means send me anything else you think appropriate - I'll take everything with me to Melbourne and see what works out (ie if you have lovely printed version of your CV etc - you might like to send it to me, just in case..... don't send anything precious however as I'm not sure that I'll be able to get it back to you!)

and a small update on my BAO project progress - I have completed my 'paper wrestling' edition - but I'm waiting on 'something' that I need before I can post your copy out..... it may be a few weeks wait yet... sorry! I hope to get onto my 'art and lies' edition in july

if you've got any questions or if you think that meeting the August deadline is going to be tricky for you - please drop me a line...

righto - now its back to the studio for all of you!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The sailboat print from International Print Day.
A lino cut, hand pulled , 16cm x 13cm on Fabriano.

Monday, May 2, 2011


This is a heads-up for member bookmakers who are also printmakers(and I think that's just about all of us!).

I'm posting a link where you can find more info, but, briefly, we printmakers also have our "special day" and it's almost upon us.

Ali and I plan to print on Saturday(we may even get in a couple of hours prep. work on Wednesday!) and there are inky-fingered printmakers all around the world who will be swelling the ranks. So, come on, BAO folk - join the fun.

Here's the link