Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally some baby steps..

We have been on the road and travelling for most of this month - actually working up on Melville Island and Groote Eylandt in Northern Australia, in remote Aboriginal communities.

Internet access has been intermittent and resources and supplies quite limited, so I haven't done much creating, just a bit more pondering as I prepare for the Edition.

Island time has let me think thru and actually design/draw up what I think I might do.

I think I will work with a square format and will do one original and then scan and print the edition. Plan A. Fingers crossed. I had hoped to learn how to use Photoshop and Publisher in really clever ways with this edition; but given our lengthy time away from home this year that's not going to happen.

Instead I'll do a half and half - made by hand then printed version. As I said, Plan A.

Here are some sketches and a few ideas of where this is going.

 Here are the watercolour washes I did over Easter.

And here are some trial runs I did over Easter - still trying to work out which approach I like the most and why! Apologies for the unpleasant lighting. I wanted to do my bit of creativity each day and so at 7pm I finished playing and took the shots with the dark night/fluro light look.

I am thrilled to have a deadline and it is helping me focus and get stuck into getting these books happening. I expect there are many potholes in the road ahead (but not as many as on the road to Umbakumba on Groote I hope) so maybe I should focus on that word "relax" when I hit them!

We fly back tomorrow and are without mobile phone coverage, television and email (occasionally we can access the web) for another while - we try to use the weekends for catch ups by flying back to Darwin or somewhere where the mobiles work! Life's an adventure...


ronnie said...

an adventure indeed! have fun

(I just finished off my edition of 25 'wrestling' books today - happy dance! - I have a few extra
'things' I want to do before I post them out to the group - but maybe I'll have them all posted our by the time you get back...)

Anna Mavromatis said...

Fiona, I will say what I was told while growing up: "the beginning is half of the whole...". Good luck with the rest!

dinahmow said...

I'm feeling a bit like a child who knows there will be birthday presents, but doesn't know quite what to expect...delicious anticipation!

Abigail Thomas said...

adventure indeed! thats quite some amazing trip you are on there. take care; cant wait to see plan A develop.

Angela said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. The work in progress looks great - looking forward to seeing more. I know what you mean about learning new software. I got it into my head that I 'should' learn InDesign as a useful tool for making books, especially because of the built in imposition feature. It was total overkill for what I needed - probably good for a 30 page book (if I could figure out how to print properly from it) but not for my 16 page one. In the end I found that using very basic features of Photoshop e.g. show grid and using guides - I was a able to do the page layouts exactly as I wanted.