Wednesday, March 9, 2011


BIG news

(hold on to your hats boys and girls)

BAO is going to Impact 7

yep I got word today from Monash University
that our exhibition proposal has been successful

woo hoo!

 (a wee pic of my work -
in honour of world book day on monday...
and international women's day yesterday...
and 'pulling-down-the solo-exhibition' today....)

I will post again about what that means to all the BAO edition one and edition two folk but essentially - we have a carved-in-stone deadline for all edition two works - Impact 7 is set for the end of September 2011 (yes in a few months time.... ) so that means we all need to get our edition two stuff complete by August at the latest (to allow for all the 'other things' that need to happen)

right now - you have my permission,
nay, my whole-hearted encouragement
to go wild and crazy with excitement

(then it's back to the studio for you all!)



Fiona Dempster said...

WOW Ronnie! Thanks so much for pursuing this - its a brilliant opportunity and I do so love a deadline! Very excitement and a little seat-jig included. Back to the keyboard not the studio tho...sigh.

Carol said...

Fabulous, Ronnie, good news indeed, and thanks so much for your efforts. I agree with Fiona about the need for a deadline. I'm hoping to be done well before August but you never know.

Angela said...

Great news Ronnie and thanks for all your hard work. I am glad of a deadline too. I pretty much know where I am going with my book - but I have been floating, faffing and arseing (to use an Irish word) with it. The deadline will 'reinforce my clarity' ;-)

Anonymous said...

EEK! No, it's really good to have a deadline.
Thanks, Ronnie.

Amanda said...

Ah yes Angela - no more arseing about here either!

Hehehhe! you can take the girl outta Sligo, but you can't take the Sligo outta the girl!

Great news ronnie! So a trip to Melbourne is on my cards - who else has plans to be there?

Fiona Dempster said...

It's in the diary for me now - hope to make it for at least part of the time!

Angela said...

Or another one Amanda - you take the woman out of the bog but you can't get the turf mould out of her ears - not sure how well this translates :-)

I would love to be in Melbourne in September but I am afraid its just not happening. We will all meet one day I hope, it would be lovely.

aine scannell said...

Are we talking about 1st August !


omg !!

aine scannell said...

As no one has posted a reply here I am going to take it that mid to end of August is when I should aim to have my edition delivered to Sara.