Saturday, March 5, 2011


I know we have among us a few letterpressers (is there a better collective noun? Probably!) and even those who've never been up close and personal with the paraphernalia seem drawn to the process, so I thought I'd direct you to a recent article on the Private Library blog.

I find this fascinating, for several reasons, not least that it was propelled by feisty women!

Moving, my friends, I have not forgotten "Paper Wrestling" and hope to have a mock-up this weekend. I'll post a photo when I've reached that stage.

But the production of the full edition must wait until after my visitors have visited. You see, I use the spare room as clean workspace!


Angela said...

Thanks for the link Di. I love the photo of the ladies in long dresses using all the kit.

I am doing a letterpress course in July so I may soon become a letterpresser too ;-)

moreidlethoughts said...

Oh! Lucky you! I hope you'll post about it?

Angela said...

I will indeed post about it. I'm doing it at UWE

I was torn between the Advanced Bookbinding Course and the Letterpress one. Letterpress won in the end :-)