Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deady lines

Ok peoples, I know we're all excited about Ronnie's news about Impact 7 and September and August and [deep breath]... but I've got a closer wee deadline if you want a wee kick up the bum.

As a member of the Canberra Craft Bookbinders' Guild (have to watch that apostrophe, it gets lost occasionally), and as a member of the committee of the CCBG, specifically the Editor *and* the Vice President, I get co-opted into coming up with topics to amuse the troops at meetings. So, next meeting is the 14 of April, and that's going to be ME, showing YOU.

It's a Book Art Object showing, of everything I've received up to now. If you would like to be received by me before then, you'd better get a wiggle on.

I show my BAO archive quite a lot. It's been aired to my book arts students a few times and to visitors to my studio. I'm yet to make a purpose-built box for BAO #1, but I will at some point.

So far for BAO 2 & 3, I have my own Beynon and Anna's Winterson. Enough to demonstrate the two projects, but would be nice to have others :)

No pressure!

As far as my own Winterson piece goes, I had an epiphathingy the other day, and I'm trying to find time between moving houses and teaching classes and teen-wrangling (all with no telephone number or internet apart from my prepaid dongle until Friday) to make it happen. I don't know if I'll get it done by the CCBG meeting, but I'm giving you the opportunity to.

Happy making!

My postal address is here, if you get inspired and don't have the address list.

*waves and goes back to unpacking*


ronnie said...

corrr girlfriend! I feel the whip-lashing my back even at this distance!

I can see a faint (very very faint) glimmer that I might get a 'wrestling' piece by then..... but its only a dim and distant hope.... so don't hold your breath!

(I love that you are showing the collection around the traps though - and I'm mightily impressed that you didn't lose it in the BIG move ... *small round of applause*)

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh dear, I feel like a fraud, because the reason I haven't lost them is that I haven't moved the studio yet! That will happen mid-year, when we've totally unpacked and cleared the garage space and I've caught my breath and... anyway, I've got until Nov to get out of ANCA, but I want to move it all earlier than that.

Sara Bowen said...

Yikes! Talk about concentrating the mind... Err, well done!? Congrats on your move, BTW, I particularly liked the DIY photos! Sara x

Carol said...

Well, that did concentrate MY mind - which seems to be a rare thing these days. In a momentary flash I thought I could do it but then I realised that I'd have to make the full edition and common sense tells me I'm dreaming. I'm stuck on devising a suitable container so until I figure that out, I should just sit quietly in my corner. But thanks AD for doing more show and tell, hope they love the concept.

Anonymous said...

Well, my visitors arrive on Saturday and I have said that I'm delaying production til they leave.

But it could be possible, I suppose...

Then I read Carol's response and realised that getting all books done by the April date might be a stretch. I'll give it a crack.

Angela said...

Sorry I can't make April. I am underway, but April would be nigh on impossible for me.

Abigail Thomas said...

DeadLy Lines! I sincerely doubt I will be ready by April, sorry! My day job just got really insane and I have also just found out that I got into Camberwell University Book Arts MA (starts October) which I now need to apply for funding for, so its all a bit manic here. I'm well underway but no where near done. Sorry again.

Abigail Thomas said...

Oh and people; can someone remind me the passwords for the flickr group and the twitter? Cheers! email: everyweekness@gmail.com or abi-thomas@hotmail.co.uk

aine scannell said...

I am on here trying to find the deadline for the Impact exhibition i.e., our participation therein. Hopefully it will eventually become apparent.