Saturday, February 5, 2011


In the less frenetic moments of my day, say...when it's too icy to go walkabout.Or late at night, when it's too dicey to go walkabout...

...I wander around my laptop. And when I came across this site I knew there would be some BAO people who'd love it.* After so many clicks and links, I forget exactly where I first saw it. Possibly somewhere like Green Chair or Spike. But also possibly from the Guardian, since I do still read that sometimes.

Now I'm wondering whether I need to add blow torches to my arsenal. So far, my most pyromanic approach has involved candle stubs and incense sticks. Time to move up?

A couple of pics of some of the folding and snipping (and, yes, swearing!) that I've been doing...

Folding strips of newsprint...

...from the NY Times.

Now, where did I put that wine glass...?

*Unless you don't "do" spiders!


alison said...

from Aussie land to N.Y. and it's good to see you are using some of the snowed in time to wrestle with paper Di. It looks interesting what you have done. Once my visitors return home after cyclone Yasi I will be busy myself.
I have proudly shown my copy from Ampersand Duck.

ronnie said...

hey di - I'll happily do a 'know your accelerants' tutorial (hee hee hee) I can guarantee to set even the most stubborn book on fire (we have the know-how.... we have the box of matches)

the snow that you are currently up to your armpits in may prove temporarily annoying - but I'm sure that we'd get there

(cute little paper planes btw!)

take care xx

Carol said...

I'd love to have my own the blow torch. My son uses one often and I always feel I must make something one day so that I can have a go. Keep up the paper wrestling Di.