Monday, February 7, 2011

More thoughts - Glyph Ladder book

I'm still on the drawing board so to speak. Update:
Important Parts:

  • Ladder
  • Inscriptions - Glyphs; the evolution of the written word

An accordion structure with a cut through and a tablet of clay inscription set into the back 'page' so when closed it comes through to the cover? What if the tablet was a ladder with the inscription on it?

Maybe the ladder is the book!


Clay and postage generally do not mix; but what if I use Fimo? This tends to be a little more hardy.... anyone out there used Fimo recently? Does it post well?! Any other suggestions?

(and please excuse my rough sketches/notes as usual!)


Carol said...

I've just heard about epoxy clay. I know nothing about it, but do intend to Google it. Amanda may be the one to ask about clay.

Ampersand Duck said...

Fimo is more flexible than clay, but it will snap if bent or treated too roughly.

Clay would be a bit too fragile -- we have a beautiful book at the art school which is Japanese washi stab-stitched through a clay slab as a spine piece on the front of the book. The clay piece, even though it was fairly inert and always wrapped carefully, kept cracking and splitting under any duress. So now it is treated as *highly* fragile and is never moved very far.

Maybe you could make the ladder out of boxboard than is deeply embossed using a press of some sort and then gesso'd and shellac'd or ochred or something? to give the look of clay but still be durable?

Abigail Thomas said...

yeah i was thinking about covering card in mud rock but that may become brittle over time anyway; so perhaps just layers of tissue and glue and varnish..... got time in the studio tomorrow so will try some things out i hope.

alison said...

Ampersand Duck I do love your solution to the clay query. I have used box board and I love the feel and weight of it. Shellac sounds great too with some colour.

Abigail good luck with your experimenting as well.It will be interesting to see the results. Pity I am not doing this one.