Saturday, January 8, 2011

progress report: update #2

The holidays are over, the new year is progressing faster than I would like, my flu like misery illness symptoms seem to be on their way (I hope for good!!!!) and the date I set for the BAO project completion is right around the corner! 
As you have probably guessed, I am totally immersed into finalizing my edition effort, or said in a simpler way: I am moving towards completing my 15 books or so, I hope soon! And although I thought I had planned everything super thoroughly, when time came to start production… I decided to go through more stages than I had originally anticipated.
You see I have never done before this kind of multiple originals edition; I usually create one of a kind structures, and my few works that required a number of copies were executed over a period of time and/or on demand. This time I planned to approach the assembling in a rather simpler way, I had decided to take some short cuts from my usual nerdy handling, but when time came I reverted to my old ways and standards. Having worked in the fashion industry, I cannot help but use fashion terms: I was planning a “mass production” approach, but ended up using haute couture techniques and processes.
Enough said; I have been enjoying every moment of it and hope to have everything ready, on time and shipped to the appropriate participants before the end of the month! So… stay tuned for the final details and views in the very near future!
Happy New Year to all, healthy, happy and successful times!!!


ronnie said...

such evocative photos Anna!

and now I can be doubly interested - as I've arranged to undertake both projects (the unexpected arrival of the ducks delightful 'wrestling' package sealed the deal)

I'll make a post about it...when I've perhaps MADE a START on either project!

can't wait to see what these pics are really all about!

Sara Bowen said...

deliciously provocative photos, Anna! I can't wait to see the whole thing...

Fiona Dempster said...

Oh Anna - that's so exciting! I love that you tried to do mass production and ended up haute couturing it! It's nice that some folk are progressing their works so well - we are getting a nice little drip-feed of the pieces. Thanks again - looking forward to the final viewings.

Abigail Thomas said...

exciting! cant wait to see the final thing.

Angela said...

Love the fashion industry analogy. This looks very intriguing. BookArtObject I was my first edtion too. It was great, I learnt loads from it. I ended up writing down all the tasks and I needed to do and in which order. I then put all this in a calendar timetable, which was stuck up on the wall. It worked very well for me and I felt an immense sense of satisfaction as I ticked off each task.