Saturday, January 15, 2011

progress report: completed!

Today the production of my version of "a book" based on the excerpt from Art & Lies was completed. In the next few days I will mail it to all of Jeanette Winterson's group. Sometime in the near future I plan to post images of different stages of production and also some notes on the thinking process that preceded my final design. 
It was very interesting for me to "revisit" the history, the hearsay and legends of the Great Library of Alexandria, and remember the related stories and lessons heard on the subject during my school years in Greece. 
I enjoyed tremendously developing this edition; it was a great exercise in many respects and now can't wait to see how these same lines of text are interpreted by the other artists. 


Abigail Thomas said...

YAy!!! Well done on getting in finished Anna! I can;t wait to see it in the flesh. Now i need to get a wriggle on with mine....

louloulovesbooks said...

How exciting...well done, it's a great achievement. I am so impressed. It's making me ache to make some books soon.

ronnie said...

oooooo they are VERY enticing pics..... can't wait for the mailman to send bring me a package - and to read more here about the whole process

I'm hoping to get thoroughly into the wrestling piece this week (fingers crossed) - then on to the winterson..... (phew)

fingers crossed

Carol said...

Anna, they look wonderful. I hope when you've mailed them to the recipients you'll post more photos for those not on your list.

Angela said...

The books look beautiful. Looking forward to receiving mine and also seeing more photos of the process which I always love.

By the way do we have a list of the 2 groups? I got myself into a total confuson about it - you can ask Caren ;-)