Friday, January 21, 2011

An opportunity for BAO artists..?

Early in 2010 I was lucky enough to have a piece selected for a juried exhibition at the Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado, in the USA. This week I saw a reminder from Alicia Bailey, the gallery's director, about Cornucopia II at the gallery, with electronic entries to be submitted by January 29th, which is a week tomorrow (Saturday).

If you click on the link to the gallery at you will find a link to the Cornucopia II prospectus in the left-hand column, just below the image of metal type! It mentions "additional submission requirements" for international entries so I emailed Alicia to ask about that. Her reply was that as it is a small gallery she doesn't have the resources to handle returns of international work so she asks that successful entrants whose work doesn't sell supply her with a US return mailing address.

In fact I did this myself with a different US exhibition last year: my local Post Office couldn't find a way for me to sort out pre-paid return postage to Australia and when I queried courier charges (UPS or DHL) it was going to cost me around $150 to get the (small, lightweight!) box home again so instead I gave the gallery the address of friends in California, stuck some extra money in the package and my friends had an early Christmas present!

I'm hoping to enter some work to the show and who knows, you might too! Good luck.


ronnie said...

once upon a (lot so dreadfully long) time ago it was relatively straight forward to get aust post return postage coupons (in the postal region and funds of your choice even!)..... I'm sad to hear that this is not the case nowdays.... thanks for sharing the info (even if it feels a bit beyond me right now) I hope some others from the mob might feel inspired!

Amanda said...

Yes this is a bit of a shame isn't it? It's a great gallery and they have interesting shows. They had a call out for ceramic books and I was really excited at the thought of participating, but the American address requirement stumped me. I even considered (albeit briefly) a trip to the States so i could see the show and participate, but it just seemed a bit over the odds.
Maybe I'll wait a couple of years till I've made a few more clay books and curate my own exhibition here!

Angela said...

I had this link posted to me by Axis Web

But this is only for Artists who live and work in Europe. Might be of interest to others and people who follow the blog.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult enough in this country! Sara, did my Learning Absences get through the floods in time? Please let me know.