Sunday, December 5, 2010

Continuing explorations

I had a lovely 'to do' list with only BAO on it for Friday; but got scuttled badly by a work request so my play time for BAO didn't eventuate.  I snuck in a few hours this morning where I just sat down and tried to see if all the thoughts I had had in my head and that had been jotted down into notebooks here and there had any chance of becoming reality.

It was good just to sort and settle a few things.  As I have never editioned before, never produced 15 books before, I am trying to make sure I am smart about what I choose to do and how I go about it.

Anyway, it was lovely to have a couple of trials and a couple of mock-ups to play with, write on, scribble out and start over again with.

In the spirit of progress reports, here are some shots of the muck-up doodles (transcription errors included).


Abigail Thomas said...

looking good Fiona; I am at the same stage as you really and wishing for a proper london snow day so that i have a day off work to get some ideas done!

Carol said...

I'm at the stage of making more mockups but holidays, visitors and Christmas are taking their toll on thinking and doing time. If I can just get what's bubbling in my head into a workable form I'll be much more relaxed about it.

moreidlethoughts said...

Yes, my ideas are still just that.Although knowing what to reject is also good!Maybe I should take a picture of my waste basket?

Fiona Dempster said...

It would be oh so encouraging to see a photo of your wastebasket! Mine is filled with trimmings and tossings!