Monday, November 29, 2010

More Library of Alexandria

Even though I am focusing on Claire's poem; I have enjoyed reading the many explorations into, around, over and under the Library of Alexandria.

I came across this work by Ania Gilmore over at Catherine Nash's blog and thought it would be good to share. Sorry about the size of the photos...

Ania Gilmore, Lexington, MA & Warsaw, Poland
Library of Alexandria
Altered book, burned pages, wax, shellac. One of a kind. 5 x 7.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Paper Wrestling" and marbling

I know some of the members of this group read this, but in case you haven't seen it, Peacay has an interesting post on marbling.

And yesterday, the postie delivered Ampersand Duck's very clever "Paper Wrestling." Moment of panic? Oh yeah! And The Man had an even worse attack when I handed him the package and invited him to dismantle-and-reassemble it! Such fun!

Thanks, Caren, we love it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

mini progress report

I have finally started developing some “ideas” for our project and today I managed to come very close to realizing “something” based on Winterson’s excerpt from the amazing Art & Lies. I am still not sure if this is my final attempt, but I feel good enough about it to want to share these rather vague but still very real views of my composition, as it stands right now. If from these very close up blurry views you guess the presence of some Greek text… you have VERY good sight! Indeed I have introduced text from a Doric writing that I consider very special, and who knows? It may have also been included in the Library of Alexandria’s treasures.

Sunday, November 21, 2010




Rubber Stamp Text

Just some pictures of my work in progress for the Janet Winterson text. The Eyries of Books Extract started me thinking about building nests/safe havens, because the boys had burrowed into the books to make a safe place for themselves. Somehow this seemed like nest building to me.

I've started off doing some experiments with rubber stamps. I meant to do a tutorial because Jane asked about this when I did a post on my blog about the Homemade Rubber Stamp Workshop. I only realised half way through that I should have photographed the whole process. Text is quite fiddly to do with rubber stamps so I am not sure if its the best example for a tutorial.

I used the 'Big Mistakes' rubber which was actually very nice to carve, but not sure how durable it will be after its been used a lot. You basically get your image - in this case text  - and go over it with pencil, put this on to the eraser and go over the back of it with the pencil so the image transfers to the rubber - it will transfer over mirror image because you start off with the image the right way round.  Cut round the edge of the image with a scalpel as if you were using it as pen, cut at an angle away from the image so you don't undercut it.  Once you've done all the image you can stamp it to see what else needs to be cut away. I use a lino cut tool for the large bits. Keep stamping until you get it as you want. This is only 'edtited highlights' of the process, I will do a proper tutorial soon.

The text here was typewriter text with a picture of the original below.  I doubled the size to make it easier to carve  - original size would have been impossible. I like the way the text has turned out. I think this was another one of those experiments which I thought wouldn't work - and also was almost hoping wouldn't - because I know its going to be difficult to do if I decide to use it :-)


p.s I've also posted this on my blog. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I cant get the picture sizes right on here. If I make them any size other than medium it cuts off the border.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not quite Walt Whitman...

Possibly a little eyebrow-raising, but very funny. And certainly "booky" so I'm sharing this!

I pinched it, without even asking first, because, as Ellen says, the link may not be up for long. So scoot over here and wonder at the lovely connections one can make via the printed word.

And thankyou, Chipmunk. As some smokers might say: "you rock, dude!"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Destination unknown

cylinder proof

Apologies for not putting up a more advanced image of my Claire Beynon piece, but I have misplaced my camera cord. I have a whole lot of almost-finished shots, but no way to get them to you until the pesky little thing reappears.

Yes, I said ALMOST FINISHED. I just have to take them off the drying racks and do the finishing touches, and they will be wending their way to the appropriate people. And then I need to think about the Winterson piece, which I'm not so confident about.

So. If you are one of the appropriate people, please send me an email to ampersandduck at the and give me your address. I would be most grateful. I can then compile the edition list and send it back to you for when you are finished (no pressure!). And then I can send the books, and that is one big TICK OFF MY LIST.

If you are not on the edition list but think you might want a book anyway, I will have some left-overs, but I may charge a reasonable sum for them, if that's ok. I'm not making a lot of dosh at the moment, and if I give one more thing away, my husband will keel over. Register your interest at the email above, or just wait until I show you the results & see if you're still interested. And then get in touch.

Here's another teaser though:


tee hee!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot off the presses

Those of you who subscribe to the Book Arts List may well have seen this link posted today, but if you haven't, Stephanie Cristello asks some interesting questions in the Chicago Art Magazine.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Books ripe for altering


Okay so perhaps building sculptures with books isn’t my forte, but I wanted to show you this first purchase of materials towards my BAO effort.

For this project, I’ve decided to work on my first altered books. I picked these up for $2 each from the recent Rotary Book Fair, enough for the edition and a couple to practise on to get me started.

And I shall have absolutely no guilt about drawing, cutting or whatever all over these – they are all Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, so that makes them “altered” already!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello from the UK on an unusually bright and sunny morning. I'm Louise, I don't mind if you call me Lou...I've been meaning to drop by and say hi for ages now. I am an artist/designer/maker/creator/teacher of sorts and have been making books for as long as I can remember... I'm really honoured to join the Book Art Object group and I am going to be working on the Jeanette Winterson piece. 

As I am traveling to India for some time from January onwards I thought I would attempt to work on the edition there. It's nice to have a project I can take with me and see what fun I can have utilising local resources...
Well, thanks for having me and I'll not go on too much. 

You can find me at 
I'm on Twitter as loulouloves 
and this is me ➴              hellooooooooooo {*}